When we’re stepping out to paint the town red, there are a number of things we pay astute attention to; from whether our makeup is on point to if our shoes are matching our outfit. What we often ignore, however, is our hair. While we want to spruce up our look, we’d like to avoid heat styling and keep it fuss-free. That’s when we turn to braid hairstyles. And not just any ordinary type of braid but specifically a side braid.

However, before you begin any kind of styling, you’ve got to ensure that your hair is prepped. For that, we recommend the TRESemmé Smooth & Shine Shampoo. Containing vitamin H and silk protein, it moisturises your hair from within so that you’ve got silky, shiny hair to work with. Next step, braid away!

Tilt your head to the side and bring all your hair towards one shoulder as you comb it thoroughly to remove any knots and bumps.

tips for making side braid hairstyle

Once it is all to one side, divide your hair into three sections.

Then take a side section and overlap the other two sections by placing it in the middle of those. Then take the side section from the other end and place it in the centre of the other two.

In the same manner, keep taking the side sections and place them in the centre of the remaining two till you’ve reached the end of your hair.

Once your hair is braided, tie it with a stylish accessory.

Location: The Lakmé Pro Stylist Studio