The festive season can be hard on your hair — every fabulous outfit change needs an equally chic hairdo to go with it. This means, reaching for your best hair styling products to twist and tease your mane into trendy hairstyles to complement your ethnic ensembles. This sudden increase in the use of products like hair mousses, styling gels and sprays can lead to product buildup on your scalp. The result? Weighed down and dull looking hair a couple of weeks into the festive season. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can keep the product build-up to a minimum while doing your hair for all the festivities. Here’s how….


01. Wash and condition with a clarifying formula

01.  Wash and condition with a clarifying formula

Clarifying shampoos, and conditioners, are formulated with gentle ingredients that help detoxify your scalp, without stripping it of moisture or overdrying it. Look for products without parabens or dyes in them as they can be too harsh for your mane. Also, natural ingredients like peppermint and tea tree oils, neem, ginseng, charcoals and other detoxifying ingredients will help rejuvenate your hair and add shine every time you wash it.

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02. Exfoliate your scalp

02.  Exfoliate your scalp

Your scalp needs the same kind of care and attention as your skin does. Opt for gentle scalp scrubs that can slough off product build-up or salicylic acid-induced hair cleansers that can dissolve dirt and grease build-up. You can even massage your scalp with a baking soda paste (mixed with essential oils) post shampoo, it also works as a natural conditioner.


03. Keep your hair detangled

03. Keep your hair detangled

You might be wondering about how keeping your hair detangled keeps it build-up free. This is because there are lesser knots for the residue to cling on and the brushing action itself can get rid of surface grime from your mane. Use a paddle brush with thick bristles to detangle your hair. Apply a hair serum from the mid-lengths to the tips to keep your mane frizz and tangle free.

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04. Rinse with apple cider vinegar

04. Rinse with apple cider vinegar

Product build-up can lead to an imbalance of the pH levels in your hair, causing damage to your hair follicles. An ACV rinse can help balance the pH level of your scalp, add shine back into tired tresses and even smooth out any frizzy flyaways. Make sure you’re using raw apple cider vinegar, with the ‘mother’ and avoid any sugary mixes to damage your hair further.

Main image courtesy: @shaanmu