10 Breathtakingly Beautiful Bridal Bun Hairstyles

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
10 breathtakingly beautiful bridal bun hairstyles

Being a bride is exciting, the day is all about you and the person you will be spending the rest of your life with. The months leading up to the wedding are quite busy, you have to buy that gorgeous outfit, finalise your jewellery, decide on a makeup look as well as find a hairstyle that will make you look like the perfect bride on the most special day of your life. While there are many ways to style your hair, a bridal bun is traditional and one of the most preferred options. Whether you are wearing a saree, lehenga or a stunning white gown, there’s a bridal bun hairstyle for every outfit.

However, more than the bun, bridal hairstyles are all about accessories. Brides have the option of choosing from a ton of different colours and sizes of flowers. Hair clips and other accessories only make it look more glamorous. Looking at all the innumerable options online may leave you confused. Therefore, to make it simple for you, we have picked the best and most trendy bridal bun hairstyles that are sure to impress you. In this article, you will see 10 breathtakingly beautiful buns that will also inspire future brides with major #BrideHairGoals.


1. Low braided bun with accessories

10. Top knot with a tiara

Image courtesy: @dhariniganeshmakeupartist


If you thought tying your hair into a donut bun and covering it with gajra and roses is the only bridal bun hairstyle option, we are about to change that. This gorgeous low braided bun with intricate details looks so gorgeous on this Christian bride. We particularly love how the veil is tucked under the bun, making the hairstyle look even more glamorous. Adorned with a delicate tiara and small white flowers, this bridal bun hairstyle can be worn by brides of all cultures. If not on the wedding day, you can surely create it for one of your wedding functions like mehendi or haldi.


2. Donut bun with gajra and accessories

10. Top knot with a tiara

Image courtesy: @muayashjain

If you wish to go all traditional or recreate your mom’s wedding look, this hairstyle is the way to go. The golden accessory placed around the bun and gajra only elevates the look further. It is the perfect bridal bun hairstyle for brides who will be wearing sarees on their wedding day. South Indian and Maharashtrian brides take note and start looking for a hair accessory as gorgeous as this one to glam up your bridal bun on your wedding day. Depending on your choice, you can replace the gajra with roses or any other flower that you like.


3. Half up braided bun

10. Top knot with a tiara

Image courtesy: @libertebyhiral


The millennial brides who want to show off their gorgeous hair colour and haircut, can opt for this hairstyle. It is simple, intricate with tiny details to ensure all the eyes are on you on your special day. This bridal bun hairstyle is suitable for all hair lengths but will look particularly stunning on those with medium to long hair. The effortless waves created on the lengths add more drama to the look. If it looks too simple to go with your wedding day outfit, wear it to the reception or sangeet night and get ready to receive a lot of compliments.


4. Braided side swept bun

10. Top knot with a tiara

Image courtesy: @wb_upstyles


Bridal buns don’t have to be sleek, perfect looking with flowers tucked in them. If you are not a big fan of flowers or don’t want to wear them on your big day for some reason, think of hair accessories. Hair clips and accessories of different sizes and colours are available in the market. Pick one that goes best with your hairstyle, hair shade and the colour of your wedding outfit. This gorgeous pull-through braid secured in a side-swept bun is a beautiful way to wear your hair on your wedding day. We love how the golden hair accessory is securing and beautifying the bridal bun hairstyle.


5. Braided bun with flowers

10. Top knot with a tiara

Image courtesy: @weddingwireindia


There are several different ways to wear a braided bun, here’s one that we think is super gorgeous. Instead of the traditional gajra and red roses, this one has a pretty string accessory with baby’s breath flowers and pink roses tucked below the bun. If you are wearing a low back or backless blouse, this bridal bun hairstyle is sure to add some drama to your look. Most brides cover their head with a dupatta on their wedding day, so if you want to show off this hairstyle, you can wear this for your sangeet or mehendi event. It will stay put while you dance and celebrate!


6. Bun covered with flowers

10. Top knot with a tiara

Image courtesy: @weddingwireindia


Those with fine or short hair can opt for this floral hairstyle that will make your bun look bigger and add to the overall look. Instead of the regular roses and gajra flowers, opt for a combination of pink carnations and baby’s breath to take your bridal bun hairstyle a notch higher. This hairstyle is also perfect for bridesmaids and goes with pretty much every traditional outfit. So, don’t worry about the colour of your lehenga or saree, because the pink and white combination is sure to look gorgeous and goes effortlessly with just about every outfit.


7. Simple wrapped bun

10. Top knot with a tiara

Image courtesy: @the_boho_bride


If you are looking for something simple that does not involve a lot of products and tools, this hairstyle is for you. Slightly messy and boho, this hairstyle with a bunch of baby’s breath flowers tucked in, is the perfect hairstyle for pretty much every wedding occasion. Whether it’s the engagement, mehendi, sangeet or even the wedding ceremony itself, you cannot go wrong with this one. Even if you don’t have a hairstylist by your side, you can easily achieve this one on your own or with a little help from your BFF. Twist the front sections of your hair, secure them at the back and create a low, loose bun to get this look.


8. Bun with statement accessories

10. Top knot with a tiara

Image courtesy: @weddingz.in


Juda pins, as they are more commonly known, are one of the trendiest hair accessories right now. Available in different colours and sizes to suit every bride’s preference, it is the easiest way to elevate your regular bun. Flowers can look dull in a few hours, so if you don’t want to opt for a floral bridal bun hairstyle like most brides, here’s something that will look equally gorgeous. Make sure the accessory is big enough to draw attention and goes with the colour of your outfit. Pair it with matching earrings and maang tikka to get the perfect bridal look.


9. Big messy bun

10. Top knot with a tiara

Image courtesy: @desiibrides


If you have long, straight hair and are looking for an unconventional way to tie your hair into a bun, this big, messy-looking intricate bun is the way to go. Bookmark this page to show your hairstylist exactly what you’re looking for. This sophisticated-looking bridal bun hairstyle can be sported by both the bride as well as bridesmaids. Whether you are wearing a lehenga or a beautiful saree, this big bun hairstyle will complement pretty much every traditional attire. At one side of the bun, tuck in your favourite flowers to take the hairdo a notch higher.


10. Top knot with a tiara

10. Top knot with a tiara

Image courtesy: @sydneyhairandmakeupco


A gorgeous top knot with face-framing tendrils will give off major princess vibes. This bridal bun hairstyle is appropriate for a reception. Add a tiara at the front of the top knot to add a royal touch to your hairstyle. It would be great to get this done from a hairstylist, but it's not too difficult to ace this bridal bun hairstyle on your own. Choose a tiara that goes with your outfit and hair length, anything too big can make your hairdo steal all the thunder and focus.

Main image courtesy: @ritikahairstylist

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