8 Sunsilk Shampoos For Women Who Want Stronger, Shiny Hair

Written by Kadambari SrivastavaNov 30, 2023
 8 Sunsilk Shampoos for Women Who Want Stronger, Shiny Hair

Some brands carry nostalgic value; straight from our grandmothers’ and eventually, our mothers’ times. One such brand is Sunsilk. Established in the year 1954, Sunsilk shampoo has been a vintage soul sister to our tresses and has emerged as a 21st-century diva now. The shampoo is now a household name and an affordable and nourishing option with an array of variants.

There is one Sunsilk shampoo for everyone. Whether you have a dry mane or an oily one, or even if you are suffering from dandruff, Sunsilk will give you a variant that will tackle the issue effectively, leaving you with a shiny and gorgeous mane. In this blog, we will tell you all about the best Sunsilk shampoos available in the market.


What are the different types of sunsilk shampoo?

8. Hair fall solution sunsilk shampoo

Just like we face issues with Indian skin tones and types, there are various issues with Indian hair as well. While some may have immense hair fall issues, others may have limp hair. On the other hand, some may want to get rid of excess oil while some others may want a solution to their persistent dandruff problem. The question being, which is that one shampoo that offers an entire range of affordable hair solutions that cater to all these different concerns? Your answer is Sunsilk shampoo.


1. Black shine sunsilk shampoo

8. Hair fall solution sunsilk shampoo

Now if you are looking for a shampoo that can give you luscious and gorgeous black locks with a luminescent shine, this one should be your pick. This Sunsilk shampoo is rich in amla pearls which deeply nourishes your hair from within and gives it a rich external shine that makes a mark with every step you take. This is an especially good option for those with dull hair. Also, if you are worried about frizzy hair, this one can calm it down. Try it for healthier and fuller locks that are soft, smooth and manageable.

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2. Nourishing soft and smooth sunsilk shampoo

8. Hair fall solution sunsilk shampoo

As the name suggests, this should be your pick if you want soft and nourished hair with every wash. A special thing about this miracle hair potion that comes packaged in a whacky yellow bottle is that it is co-curated by Thomas Taw. Ah, now we have your attention. It is a rich blend of the best hair oils in the world; argan, camellia, babassu, almond and coconut. Add a fresh aroma to the mixture and you have a magical solution to almost all your hair problems. If you have dry and dull hair that has no life of its own, this shampoo is sure to repair it and give a long-lasting smoothness. It also prevents split-ends and flyaways.

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3. Lusciously thick and long sunsilk shampoo

8. Hair fall solution sunsilk shampoo

This one’s another favourite that has been around for quite some time. If you are suffering from thin and dull hair, pick this one. It is a boon if you are suffering from constant hair fall that has led to a drastically thin ponytail. Again, this has been co-created with Teddy Charles and has a special ingredient; the keratin yogurt Nutri-complex which is sure to add an extra bounce to that thin and limp hair of yours. Consider it your best friend and watch the miracle unfold with every wash. It will restore strength to your hair and make sure you have the thickest mane ever, with continued use, of course.

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4. Long and healthy growth sunsilk shampoo

8. Hair fall solution sunsilk shampoo

This variant is a new one, with a personality as full of zing as its trendy and fresh packaging. If you crave silky and long hair, this is the Sunsilk shampoo that you should definitely pick. It is not only effective in reducing hair fall, but also cleanses the scalp well and improves hair texture over time. It also reduces hair breakage and adds shine to dull hair, giving it an overall vibrant and shinier look.

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5. Perfect straight sunsilk shampoo

8. Hair fall solution sunsilk shampoo

The perfect straight variant is also a later addition to the Sunsilk family, but not the last one. This one was definitely much needed, especially in the times of straighteners and other tools available, that are being used to switch from curly to straight hair in a jiffy. But this one is a natural and better solution. You do not have to use heat on your hair for a straighter texture now. Just use this shampoo and watch how it does the magic over time. Sunsilk Perfect Straight has a specially patented straight-lock technology, which, along with silk proteins ensures that hair remains straight after washing and drying. Wash your hair with this and enjoy silky straight hair all day. The bonus is its special fragrance. It also adds a healthy shine to the hair.

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6. Coconut water and aloe vera sunsilk shampoo

8. Hair fall solution sunsilk shampoo

We bet you are craving cool beaches with refreshing drinks that can do away with the upcoming scorching heat, aren’t you? Well, this Sunsilk shampoo can get you closer to that, at least in your bath, every time you wash your hair. This variant takes care of all your dull and oily hair woes. It cleanses the hair and scalp thoroughly and makes hair soft, smooth and refreshed. It is the best choice for those who have greasy hair and scalp. Also, if you want your shampoo to be paraben-free, this particular variant should be your pick as it has no parabens. The only problem that you may face is that of availability, as this variant of Sunsilk is available at select stores, both offline and online. But if you get it, nothing like it!

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7. Green tea and white lily sunsilk shampoo

8. Hair fall solution sunsilk shampoo

If the previous variant reminded you of beaches, get ready to be reminded of beautiful gardens with this next one. Green tea and white lily give your hair a beautiful and unique fragrance that can leave anyone transfixed, at the same time working on the texture of the hair with every wash. The natural ingredients present in this shampoo make it an ideal product for oily scalp and hair as it cleanses them thoroughly to do away with product build-up. At the same time, it makes sure that it does not strip your scalp of essential oils, leaving it nourished, just the way it should be. It leaves your hair rejuvenated and is perfect for everyday usage.

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8. Hair fall solution sunsilk shampoo

8. Hair fall solution sunsilk shampoo

Stress! This is perhaps the major cause of all our problems in today’s scenario. Of course, it affects our skin and hair and in the worst possible manner. The hair fall you experience because of stress is immense. To add insult to injury, there is pollution and other external aggressors. It’s as if our hair is bearing the brunt of our lifestyle. Sunsilk hair fall solution is an answer to that, a working woman’s easy guide to gorgeous hair. It is rich in soya vitamin complex which makes this golden bottle literally an elixir for falling and thinning hair. It also helps in strengthening weaker strands and follicles, thus leading to thicker and better hair. Reduce hair fall up to 10 times with this Sunsilk shampoo. Let your hair fall woes be gone!

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