Among the many summer hair problems we have to constantly deal with, an oily scalp is probably the most grating! And if you’re someone who has a naturally oily scalp, the summer season can be all sorts of nerve-racking for you. From greasy roots to dandruff to itching—the problems just done seem to end. If you’re looking for ways to end them, here are a few tips for you

What causes oily hair?
Now the reason behind this is quite scientific and we wonder if you would be interested in knowing anything about it. Nonetheless, consider this as a home science tutorial and read carefully what’s coming up next. Your hair roots come with sebaceous glands, and those secrete an oily substance called sebum. Though this oily substance is extremely essential for your hair and it prevents them from drying out, its excessive secretion result in you having oily hair. It’s quite easy to get rid of such oily hair if you follow basic rules and tips in achieving the desired results. Some of those easy steps are mentioned below…

Alternate-day washing

Alternate-day washing

It’s important to wash your hair every alternate day as the summer season aggravates the oil production on your scalp. The result? An unhealthy scalp that’s prone to numerous fungal infections! If you think you’re damaging your hair by washing it every alternate day, know that during summers, it’s a requirement. Give your hair a cleanse every alternate day, use lukewarm water (stay away from hot water) and keep the oil production in control.

We recommend using something that detoxifies your hair such as the TRESemme Botanique Detox and Restore Shampoo and Conditioner—a range that’s enriched with neem and ginseng that keep fungal infections at bay.

Clean your hair brush
Though this remedy sounds casual and you may not consider it as essential, but it is in fact. When you use a hairbrush, it picks up products, dead skin, and other debris. If you don’t clean the same brush, there are chances that this debris will spread on your freshly washed hair, making them look dirty and spoilt.


Give your hair an occasional rinse

Give your hair an occasional rinse

Your hair needs more than just shampoo and conditioning during the summer. Give your scalp a refreshing rinse occasionally to keep the oil production of your scalp under control. Choose a cooling hair rinse such as lavender rinse—take one cup of water and add a few dried lavender flowers to it and bring it to boil. Then, let it cool, strain and apply on your hair. You can also mix 1 tsp. lemon juice and 1 tsp. vinegar to a cup of water and use it to rinse your hair! These are great as natural oily scalp treatments.


Dry shampoo, always!

Dry shampoo, always!

When your scalp gets oily, your roots get oily and eventually, all of your hair looks flat, sticky and dirty. Dry shampoo can help fix that problem! Spray some dry shampoo all over your oily roots to avoid the oil spreading to your hair. It’s also important to carry a travel sized bottle with you wherever you go.

Opt for a scalp peel

If your scalp is prone to extreme oil production, we recommend getting a salicylic acid peel that prevents the oil buildup. Salicylic acid helps get rid of the top layer of the skin on your scalp, thus preventing the sebum buildup. Consult a hair expert if you wish to know more about this peel.

Avoid frequent oiling

We barely have the time to oil our hair these days, but, if you’re one of those who oils their hair religiously no matter what, summer is the time to reduce it. You don’t want to contribute to the excess oil production, do you? So, if you generally oil your hair once a week, reduce it to once in two weeks. It’s the easiest way to get rid of that oily hair and trust us, it works.

Touch me not!
Stop playing with your hair, guys. For the ones who are habituated with playing with their hair, will notice that their hair becomes greasy after they touch it frequently. A simple reason behind this is that they are transferring oil and dirt from their hands into their hair and scalp. Also, frequent playing and twirling your hair stimulates the oil glands and that results in more oil secretion.

Aloe vera to the rescue
Aloe is a boon for anyone suffering from oily hair problem. It can be used as a good hair and scalp mask since it removes all the extra oil and soothes your hair scalp.

Workout and hair washing go hand-in-hand
Try and schedule your hair wash routine around your workout sessions. It’s not a rocket science that workouts cause excessive sweating and that is applicable for your hair care as well. To have healthy hair, you can always try and wash them after sweatiest workouts to avoid having an oily hair.

Use strawberries and mayonnaise
Sounds yummy but their combination is equally delightful for your oily hair. You need to crush 2-3 strawberries and mix with 2-3 tablespoons of mayonnaise. Leave it for 10-20 min and then rinse it. While mayonnaise provides nourishment, strawberries help your scalp regulate oil secretion.

Eat healthy!
One of the major reasons of oily hair is also the deficiency of Vitamin B. To make up for it, you can have a healthy meal that’s rich in it. Besides this, you can always have more fruits and green vegetables in your diet that will provide nourishment to your hair from within.

Use tea tree oil
Instead of using your regular oil, try and replace it with a tea tree oil. In addition to this, you can also mix few drops of tea tree oil in your shampoo while rinsing your hair. It helps treat oily scalp and the dandruff that comes along with it.