No sphere sees change quite as constantly as the hair world. From a new hairstyle tutorial to a fresh hair colour idea cropping up by the instant, there is always something new around the corner. Today is no different as yet another hair colour trend finds its footing. It all began when fashionistas began dip-dyeing their hair in dual tones. Then came the wave of ombré where the two hair shades met again but merged magically. Today, hair colour for women goes one step further into what is being heralded as ‘colour melting.’

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The colour melting trend is one of the premier hair colour trends of 2016 and just one look at it will tell you why. Ombré became a salon staple when it transitioned two hair colours in the most subtle manner. Colour-melting is here to take it to the next level. The trend involves the process of blending the highlighted hair as to the tone of the base colour which creates a seamless transition between both the tones.

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Like any striking hair trend, the first point of appearance was on social media where it caught on rapidly with influencers everywhere. Steadily, it reached celebrity status with stars like Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens trying their hand (or rather, hair) at it. Since the technique involves numerous colours blended together to give the appearance of melting into each other, the name colour melting came about.

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So while there are new trends every second, what makes this the best hair colour technique to try? The fact that that it can be worn by all hair colours is  probably why every person of every hair colour is flocking towards it. From deep tones on brunette hair to warm chestnut shades in blonde hair; there’s no limitation when it comes to colour-melting. If you’re looking to colour melt your hair, explain to your hair colourist exactly what you expect from the colour job along with a few picture references to help them along. Then get set for a head of stunning, colour-melted hair!

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