For those of you not cued into beauty, half-buns are the new sexy on the hair scene. They scream stylish, they’re cool and take barely a few minutes to work on. And one of the biggest challenges amidst our busy schedules is to look super stylish without having to put in much effort. If this is what you’re looking for, embrace the half-bun. Draw inspiration from these fashionistas as they flaunt their half-buns.

How to do the half-bun

Spray the TIGI Superstar Queen For A Day to add some drama and volume to your locks. Up next, section the top layer of your hair into a V by using your fingers from your ears to the top of your head. Tie a ponytail and secure with elastic. Coil your hair around the elastic. Secure with bobby pins and keep it slightly messy and you’re done with the super stylish half-bun. An easy hairstyle that takes zero effort—the hair bun is a must try!

Here is some celeb inspiration…

half bun this seasons biggest hair trend

Sure, the half-bun hairstyle works best as a messy look. But on straight hair, it looks just as fantastic as seen on Jennifer Lopez. Also, if you happen to have thick straight hair like hers, you can opt for a thicker half-bun. Simple and sexy!


half bun seasons biggest hair trend

Wavy haired girls, play copycats to Hillary Duff as she shows you how to rock a half-bun. You can choose to place the bun right at the top or even a little lower but what can be said without any doubt is that it’s surely going to up your hair game.

seasons biggest hair trend half bun

Who says short haired girls can’t play with their hair. Even if you have slightly thin hair like Anne Hathaway, a half-bun, though tiny, will end up looking adorable on your hair. So drop all your reservations and give this one a go!

biggest hair trend half bun

Think your front bangs are stopping you from opting for something new? You couldn’t be more wrong. A half-bun with front fringes is going to look absolutely stunning like it looks on Zooey Deschanel. Just one rule—the messier, the better!

latest hair trend half bun

If you’re the kind who likes your hair neat and yet, wish to opt for the half-bun, it’s totally possible. It’s a simple hairstyle—All you have to do in neatly coil your bun and ensure that you secure it with bobby pins like Kate Middleton here.

new hair trend half bun

If you happen to have medium length hair like Mary Kate, a half-bun was made for you. Leave it slightly disheveled and you’ll have this hairdo on point.