Our mothers and grandmothers credit their hair’s amazing texture and length to nothing but coconut oil. So clearly, with so many of us taking to using product in our hair, there has been a raging debate surrounding them. Do we really need hair products or have we fooled into yet another addition to our beauty routine that we could do without? We called in three experts to share their thoughts.

Shailesh Moolya, Chief Trainer, Lakmé Absolute Salon
Everyone needs to use hair styling products! There’s a very common misconception in India that we don’t need hair styling products or that hair styling products harm our hair. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Most people only take care of their skin. What they don’t realize is, just like your skin, your hair too gets damaged when it’s exposed to the sun or pollution, and the job of a hair product is to protect you from it, the same way a sunscreen protects you from getting a tan. The other thing that we tend to ignore is that everyone’s hair type is different which means that you need to find the product that is best suited for your hair. Just because it worked for your friend doesn’t mean it will work for you. So you’ve got to find out what best suits your hair type.

Kieron Webb, Creative Director, TIGI
Always, always consult with your hairdresser! This is absolutely imperative in discovering the right product for your hair type, texture and for protecting against the different elements i.e frizz, heat protection, UV rays and humidity. You can use styling products as often as you wish. Styling products as such do not damage your hair! If anything, when you use the right product they actually repair, rebuild and help protect the hair. It is the excessive use of heat styling that could sometimes lead to damage when used without a heat protection product.Especially when you heat style your hair, use products that will give you maximum protection against extreme forms of heat.

Swarnalekha Gupta, Makeup expert
It is advisable to use styling products only when your hair really needs it. One should buy mild products and in just-enough quantity so that it gives you the results. All said and done, whether its makeup or styling products, they all have chemicals. So it is always advisable to use such stuff only if your hair or skin needs the same.