She is Beyoncé. She can do no wrong. She recently stepped out in an all-brown ensemble and shut everybody up without uttering a single word. In fact, with just one picture, she gives us a beauty lesson so huge, that we had to dissect it for you. She has great hair. Fact. But what made it even greater were the strategically placed highlights that were a stroke of genius.

Here is what you missed about Beyoncé’s hair highlights...

What Beyoncé teaches us

She has cascading waves of natural brown hair and has carefully placed balayage highlights around her face. These are root to tip highlights that gradually darken as you move from the front toward the back if the head.

What Beyoncé teaches us

Known as the ‘money piece’ this is a face-framing highlight that is placed around the face to brighten the complexion and give you dimension. It is done using the balayage technique and hence looks naturally sun-kissed.

What Beyoncé teaches us

This is basically a way to contour the face using subtle gradations in your hair colour. For example, if you have a round face, highlights are placed at the top of your head and at the ends to make your face appear slimmer length wise.

If you have a long face, then the roots at top of your head are kept dark to create shadows, and a single line of highlight is placed around your cheeks to make your long features appear more oval.

When you have a sharp chin as in a triangular face or a heart shaped face, your salon technician will place highlights below your jaw line to soften the sharpness and place darker lowlights at the crown to avoid making the forehead look wider.

Image courtesy: Pinterest and Instagram