Oceans Day Special: Sea Ingredients That Are A Boon For Your Hair

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Oceans day special: Sea ingredients that are a boon for your hair

For centuries the ocean has offered us numerous resources and continues to do so. June 8th is celebrated as world oceans day, therefore today we’re taking this opportunity to appreciate all the wonderful beauty ingredients that we get from the sea and how it benefits your skin and hair. It won’t be wrong to say that the ocean is a treasure trove of beauty ingredients.

So what are these ingredients you ask? Read on to find out...


Sea water

Sea salt

Sea water naturally contains a lot of nutrients and elements that hair requires such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur. Maintaining good mineral levels of the hair is the key to healthy and lustrous hair. Products infused with seawater prevent roughness as well as strengthens the protective barrier of the hair.



Sea salt

Green seaweed is a natural hair cleanser that also purifies and maintains the scalp’s pH balance. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids it provides your hair follicles with the right nutrients for hair growth. It also improves blood circulation which also promotes hair growth.


Brown algae

Sea salt

One of the most common types of algae found in skin and hair care products, brown algae is loaded with proteins, zinc, potassium, calcium and iron. All of these ingredients help improve the texture of your skin and hair. It reconstructs damaged hair fibres and imparts a healthy shine.



Sea salt

One of the most luxurious and expensive ingredients found in the sea, caviar is known to be one of the most effective anti-aging ingredient. However, do you know caviar is the key to voluminous and silky hair? Loaded with vitamins and minerals, it prevents your hair from drying out and breaking off. 


Sea salt

Sea salt

Sea salt sprays have become quite the rage in recent years and for all the right reasons. They give you the perfect curls and waves without damaging your tresses. The Toni&Guy Casual : Sea Salt Texturising Spray is one such product that adds texture and volume to limp and lifeless hair.

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