We have to admit—there’s nothing as scary as a bad hair day. From using various hair products to getting haircuts that make our hair behave, we leave no stone unturned in caring for our hair. Since we’re on the mission to get perfect locks, why not give the turban hair therapy a chance? The right way to provide your hair with steam, this therapy can be easily done at home. What you will finally have is hair looking long, strong and lustrous—just the way you want. Here’s more on this…
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What is it?

Turban hair therapy is nothing but the process of providing steam to the hair by way of a hot towel. Through this therapy, one can get rid of several hair problems including the dreaded issue of hair fall that refuses to leave us especially during the monsoons. For this therapy, you need a mix of oils, hot water and of course, a towel.

How to do it

You will need a towel, hot water, coconut oil, olive oil, corn oil and castor oil. To do the turban hair therapy at home, heat a portion of olive oil, coconut oil, corn oil and castor oil and let it cool down. After this, massage the mix on to your scalp and leave it overnight. Before taking a bath the next day, dip your towel in hot water and wring it to ensure that there’s no extra water on the towel. Wrap it up on to your head and let it stay there for about 20 minutes. Ensure that the water isn’t piping hot as that might cause burns to your scalp.

How it helps

When you’re suffering from hair issues like dandruff, itchy scalp and hair fall, you need something that goes deep into your roots and makes them so healthy that they can fight any hair problem. This is when a hot towel therapy comes to your rescue as the towel mixed with water and oils will open up pores and seep into your roots thereby nourishing them from inside. Coconut oil acts as a conditioning agent while olive oil and castor oil are considered to be great for hair growth. Corn oil is enriched with various nutrients like Vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids all of which stimulate cell functioning in the scalp. This leads to healthy hair growth. Are we ready for happy hair, girls?