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Written by Fleur Xavier and Nethra RaghuramanNov 24, 2016
Do you have hair that falls flat, limp and gets oily easily? Do you envy the hair of your favourite Bollywood actresses and Hollywood celebrities and wish for hair like theirs—full of bounce and body? Well, we all do! Here are some hair tips to give your flat hair more life, bounce and body.

Let’s start with facts—when you see those celebrities and models with hair that looks stunning-- bouncy, full bodied and beautifully styled—well, that is not the real picture. It’s the reel picture. Their hair would have been styled, doused in product, adjusted between shots, and maybe their hair also includes extensions so as to provide a beautiful finished picture. In real life your hair cannot look like that, not unless you were genetically blessed with wonderful, thick, luxuriant hair. We agree that there are many people blessed with fantastic hair that is everyone’s envy, but for a whole lot of us, a few tips and tricks are needed to work that hair and make it look good in your daily life.

Shampoo and Conditioner
You will need to find a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type—one that won’t weigh your hair down and leave it further limp or oily after washing. There are several volumising shampoos and conditioners available in the market, like TRESemme, so try to find the one that works for you.

Volumiser Spray
Do invest in a good volumiser spray or a root lifter. Spray this on to your roots and style hair as usual. These sprays will leave you hair with extra volume and height. Of course, you might need to experiment a bit before you find the one that can work for your hair. Brands like TIGI have some nice products for this purpose.

Velcro rollers
Big velcro rollers can be a boon to people with limp, straight hair. Take sections of your hair and roll them in velcro rollers. Open the rollers just before it is time to step out. Your hair will have a lot of bounce and volume. Now this won’t last for the whole evening—it will go back to falling flat after couple of hours. But at least when you start your evening your hair will look great!

The trick is not only to put your hair in velcro rollers, but also to spray some volumising spray before using the rollers and then regular light hold hair spray from a distance so it kind of covers all your hair. Leave it like this till its time to take off the rollers.

A quick fix to oily, limp hair is to either spray hair with dry shampoo or dust some talcum powder to the roots. Be careful not to add powder to your hair parting or to the front of your hair. But you can use it in the subsequent layers of hair and at the back. This will reduce the oiliness and give your hair some lift. You have to be extra careful to rub the powder in well so that you don’t look like your hair is greying.

And lastly, even if your hair is oily and limp, do oil your hair once a month at least with a light weight oil like organic, cold pressed coconut oil and massage it well. Keep it for about half hour and wash it off. No matter what kind of hair you have, a little massage will only do it good.

Here’s wishing you hair that is beautiful! Stay Pretty!

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