As the saying goes, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, and how true does it stand. Our eyes speak volumes. Eyes are one of the most attractive features, and everyone seems to be obsessed with them in one way or the other. Who does not like big, bold, beautiful eyes? While some are naturally born with it, others can wave the magic wand of makeup to create those alluring Bambi eyes. If you’re wondering, how to make your eyes look bigger using makeup, we will be sharing with you six ways on how to make small eyes look bigger using simple tips and tricks of eye makeup. Makeup helps in accentuating your features, if done correctly. If you want to learn easy ways to make your eyes look fuller, bigger and more awake, then read on below to know how to fake it till you make it with makeup.  

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup: The Basics 

Doe eye or Bambi eye makeup has been continuing as a trend in the makeup industry for quite some time now. When we talk about having Bambi eyes, it means big, round, wide-awake eyes with child-like innocence. Just like how contouring can change the shape of your face by creating depth and shadows, likewise, a few techniques in eye makeup can elevate your makeup game. It is important to first know your eye shape, and then apply the techniques accordingly. Whether it is almond, hooded, deep-set, downturned, upturned or monolid, different eye makeup techniques are used for different shape. Below we will share with you six ways on how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup.  

Top 6 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup 

1. Tightline with White or Nude Kajal 

Top 6 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

While the classic black kajal has always been everyone’s favourite, it can make your eyes appear smaller if you have hooded or small eyes. White kajal or eye pencil is often considered the best eyeliner to make eyes look bigger. White or nude kajal gives the illusion of wide-awake eyes and makes the waterline appear bigger. While white may not suit all Indian skin tones, nude kajal can be paired with any type of makeup look. 

If you’re looking to buy a white kajal, our recommendation would be the trustworthy Lakme Absolute Explore Eye Pencil in the shade Ethereal White. This eye pencil is transfer-proof, smudge-proof and can last up to 32 hours. The colours in this range are highly pigmented and it dries in 15 seconds after application. It is also suitable for sensitive eyes.     

2. Volumising Mascara 

Top 6 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

The quickest and easiest way to make your eyes look bigger is to curl your lashes upwards and apply a generous coat of volumizing mascara. Using an eyelash curler can help uplift your lashes which will automatically make your eyes look substantially big. After curling the lashes, apply the magic wand of makeup i.e., the mascara. A good quality mascara can add volume, length and definition. For doe eyes, add two coats of mascara on the outer lashes and as well as on your lower lashes.  

We recommend our favourite Lakme Absolute Flutter Secrets Volume Mascara for the ultimate lash definition. This mascara will help amp up your eye makeup by giving your lashes volume, colour and a clump-free dramatic look.  

3. Light – coloured eyeshadow 

Top 6 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

When applying eyeshadow, one must remember to apply the same rules of highlighting and contouring. Using neutral or light-coloured shadows in the crease will help make your eyes appear wide-awake. Neutral eyeshadows help reflect light in the centre and bring forward the eyelids, making them look spacious. An additional tip for hooded eyes, take your eyeshadow past your natural crease and towards your brows. This will give the appearance of a bigger lid space and visually brighten and enlargen your eyes. 

For hassle-free eyeshadow application, try out Lakme Absolute Explore Eye Shadow Stick. Highly versatile and effective, Lakme’s first eyeshadow in a stick, is perfect for beginners as well as pros. This product ensures you get an effortless, mess-free, one-glide application. The shades are highly pigmented and have super light and smooth texture that makes it comfortable to wear. The stick can be used as both eyeshadow and an eyeliner. The shades we would recommend making your eyes pop are, Hawain Pink, Subtle Pink, Champagne and Shimmering Gold. 

4. Highlight the Inner Corner 

Top 6 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

A touch of inner corner highlight can give a sparkly effect to your eyes. The subtle illumination will draw attention to your eyes and make them appear wider and more open. Apart from highlighting the inner corners, you can also add a touch of highlight on the brow bone. Choose a pearly white or ivory eyeshadow to achieve the result. You can also use a champagne colour highlighter for the inner corners. Blend it delicately for a sheen effect or just precisely apply it in the inner corner and leave it as is. Use the light silvery white shadow from Lakme Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Palette – Soft Nudes. The palette comprises flattering neutral shades of nudes, beige, brown and soft pinks. It is ideal for a daytime or office makeup look.  

5. Contour Your Crease 

Top 6 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

Contouring is as essential as highlighting the eyes. To contour, apply a warm brown matte eyeshadow on the outer corner and blend it inwards in circular or swiping motion. Blend the eyeshadow above than your natural crease, especially for hooded eyes, to give the illusion of bigger lid space. Blend the eyeshadow towards the end of the brow in upwards motion. Make sure to blend it well in the crease to avoid harsh lines. You can finish the look with a light, shimmery eyeshadow in the centre of the lid. For that perfect shade of brown, try Lakme Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Palette – Midnight Magic. The palette features dramatic shades like dark blue, berry, purple, brown and green. We recommend this palette if you want to add drama and glitz in your eye makeup look. 

6. Groom those Brows 

Top 6 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

Lastly, never underestimate your brow game. The shape of your brows can make or break your makeup look and add dimension to your face. If you have hooded eyes, shape the arch of your brows upwards to achieve more lid space. Bold and bushy brows are all the rage right now. If you have gaps in your brows, fill it in using an eyebrow pencil or a dark brown eyeshadow. While trimming or tweezing the eyebrows, follow the natural shape of your brows. Don’t go for too thick or too thin eyebrows but choose a shape that suits your face type. 

FAQs about Top 6 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup 

Q1. Can I use liquid eyeliner on hooded eyes to create a winged liner? 

A. If you are a beginner with hooded eyes, we would recommend you stay away from liquid eyeliners. A thick winged liner on hooded eyes will make your eyes look even smaller. Instead, the best way to apply eyeliner to make eyes look bigger is to create a subtle winged liner using a dark brown or black eyeshadow along with tightlining the lash band. You can also use a black kajal and smudge it for a softer liner look. 

Q2. Can I use heavy or chunky glitter on small eyes? 

A. For hooded or small eyes, the crease is usually hidden under the folds of the skin. Hence, it is not recommended to use chunky or heavy loose glitters as they will end up getting clumped in the folds of your skin and will not adhere to your lids properly. It will also make your eyes look heavy and droopy. Instead, stick to soft, shimmery eyeshadows that will illuminate and add shine to the eyes. 

Q3. Can I use black eyeshadow to create a smoky eye makeup look on hooded eyes? 

A. Black is a highly pigmented colour and can either be a hit or a miss if not applied strategically. For naturally bigger eyes, black can be used to define your eye makeup. But if you have small or hooded eyes, it is advisable to avoid black eyeshadow and instead opt for a dark brown matte eyeshadow for smoky eye makeup. Brown is easier to blend and can be softened or amped up as per your preference. 

With so many makeup tips and tricks, one can easily make their eyes look bigger and bolder with makeup. Adequate practice and creativity can help you achieve a mesmerizing eye look that can beautifully accentuate your features. Follow the six easy tips given above and we assure you that you will achieve that perfect and beautiful bambi eyes. Remember to experiment with different colours and techniques to find what works best for you and your eye shape.