Want to make your eyes pop? Well, there are a number of things you could do to make your eyes look bigger, and more prominent, and using makeup is one of them. However, achieving doe eyes with makeup comes down to technique— you may have to practice a couple of times to make sure your makeup is exactly the way you want it.

Here are a few pointers…

1. White eye shadow is your best friend

This is key to accentuating the shape of your eyes. Just dot some white liner on the inner corner of your eyes—that should do the trick.

2. Curl your lashes

To enhance the shape of your eyes, you’ll have to first curl your lashes and give them some body before applying mascara. This will help open your eyes wider, and make sure they aren’t hidden by your lashes. You could also try using false lashes to make your eyes really stand out. However, avoid doing anything to your lower lashes— this will help you avoid making your eyes look smaller than they really are.


3. Do your brows

3. Do your brows

Sure, thick brows are great. However, you’ll have to be sure to maintain your eyebrows just a little bit by trimming them frequently so that they truly complement your facial features, including your eyes. If you’re looking to make your eyes pop with makeup, you’ll want to maximize the space you have around them— you can do this by keeping your eyebrows neat.

4. Pay attention to the creases of your eyes

When you’re trying to make your eyes pop with the help of makeup, you’ll have to pay careful attention to the placement of the pigment. When you’re applying eye shadow to your eyes, you’ll have to make sure to go all the way up to the extension of your crease. As the pigment will cover more area around your eyes, your eyes will automatically look larger.


5. Use the right eyeliner the right way

5. Use the right eyeliner the right way

The eyeliner you choose to go with can make or break your entire look. However, you’ll need to keep experimenting to find an eyeliner look that works for you. You could start by lining only half of your lower lash line to make your eyes seem bigger than they actually are. You could also experiment with different colours. For example, go with dark brown instead of black. You could also ditch liquid liner, and go with kohl or a gel based one instead.

6. Play with colours

Using about two colours when you’re doing your eye makeup can really help you make your eyes seem larger. However, light colours work better— dark colours will make your eyes seem smaller, as they give the illusion of less area around your eyes.