Accentuate The Gaze: Hooded Eyes Makeup Guide

Written by Kinnari AsharJan 30, 2024
Accentuate the Gaze: Hooded Eyes Makeup Guide

If you have hooded eyes, you may have found applying eye makeup challenging. Hooded eyes are characterised by a fold of skin that droops over the crease, making the eyelid appear smaller. This type of eye shape is unique and challenging to work with. However, with the proper techniques and products, you can create stunning eye makeup looks highlighting your beautiful features. In this article, we will guide you through applying eye makeup on hooded eyes, from choosing the right eyeshadow shades to creating the perfect winged eyeliner. We will show you how to accentuate your hooded eyes and embrace their beauty, whether you're a makeup novice or an expert. 

Accentuate the Gaze: Hooded Eyes Makeup Guide   

But what are hooded eyes, you ask? Well, hooded eyes are a unique and beautiful feature that adds depth and character to your face. In recent years, hooded eyes have been on the upswing, with the 2024 beauty trend spotlighting this eye shape. The hooded eye shape is often characterised by a heavy lid that droops over the crease, making the lid appear smaller. Knowing how to work with this feature will allow you to create stunning eye looks that will pop your eyes. 

Hooded Eye Basics - Embracing Your Natural Contours  


Hooded eyes are defined by having a fold of skin that hangs over the crease, making the eyelid appear smaller. The advantage of having hooded eyes is that they create a natural shadow, which can create a more dramatic look with hooded eye makeup. 

But do I have hooded eyes? How can I assess my eye shape? Well, here’s how you can know if you have hooded eyes or not. 

To assess your eye shape, you can look in the mirror and see if your eyelid is visible when your eyes are open. If the eyelid is not visible, then you have hooded eyes.  

Shadow and Light - Mastering Hooded Eye Makeup  


If you have hooded eyes, eyeshadows and highlights can make them pop. To enhance your eyes with eyeshadow for hooded eyes, try using darker shades on the outer corners of your eyelids and lighter shades on the inner corners. You can also use shimmery shades to add dimension and make your eyes appear larger. When choosing colour palettes, look for shades that complement your skin tone and eye colour. Matte textures work best for creating depth, while shimmery textures are great for adding dimension.  

If you are looking for some shimmer shades, look for none other than the Lakmé Absolute Explore Eye Paints. Its rich pigment and oh-so-luxe crème texture make you shine like a showstopper with a high-volt touch of shimmer. It is crease-resistant and enriched with cocoa butter to prevent dryness, ensuring you slay all night. The smooth crème texture provides effortless application and can also be used as a liner.  

The Eyeliner Edge - Defining Hooded Eyes  


Eyeliner is your best friend when it comes to makeup for hooded eyes. It can help define your eyes and create the illusion of a more lifted look. But with so many eyeliner techniques, how do you choose the right eyeliner styles for hooded eyes? The key is to focus on the outer corners of your eyes and avoid applying too much liner to your upper lid. Try the tightline technique or a winged eyeliner for hooded eyes to emphasise your lash line for maximum impact.  

You can use the Lakmé Eyeconic Ultra Smooth Kohl Liner for tightlining the eyes. Its intense black pigment is long-lasting and waterproof, so you don't have to worry about smudging or fading. With a smooth tip application, this kohl glides effortlessly and blends easily.  

Lash Game Strong - Enhancing Hooded Eyes with Mascara  


Mascara works wonders for hooded eyes. However, not all mascaras are created equal for hooded eyes. Choosing the right type of mascara to complement your unique eye shape is essential. Opt for a lengthening or volumising formula that doesn't clump, as a heavy formula can weigh down your lashes and make your eyes look more hooded.  

When applying mascara, focus on the outer corners of your eyes to give the illusion of lifted eyes. Use a lash comb to separate your lashes and prevent clumps.  

Get ready to transform your lashes with Lakmé Lash Boost Extreme Mascara. Its innovative formula and specialised elastomeric brush give you hyper-lifted, impossibly long lashes. The cone-tipped brush has over 290 long and short bristles that sculpt and lift even the smallest lash, and the elastomeric properties of the brush give increased curling and lengthening benefits. With 91% natural ingredients, including the plant of resurrection, which boosts lash growth, this waterproof mascara is perfect for any occasion.  

FAQs about Hooded Eyes  

Q1 What kind of eye makeup works best for hooded eyes? 

It’s best to use matte eyeshadows in neutral shades for hooded eyes to create depth. Avoid shimmery or metallic shades, as they can make the eyes appear more sunken. Tightlining the upper waterline with eyeliner can create the illusion of fuller eyes. 

Q2 Can I use false lashes on hooded eyes? 

Yes, you can use false lashes on hooded eyes. However, choosing shorter lashes with a natural-looking curl is essential, as longer lashes can hit the eyelid and create discomfort. Trim the lashes to fit your eye shape and apply them as close to the lash line as possible. 

Q3 How to make hooded eyes look bigger? 

To make hooded eyes appear bigger, use matte eyeshadows in neutral shades to create depth. Tightline the upper waterline with eyeliner to create the illusion of fuller eyes. Curl your lashes and apply mascara to make them appear longer. Finally, highlight the inner corner of the eye to create a brighter look. 

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