Smoke 'Em Out: How To Master The Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Written by Team BBJun 29, 2023
Smoke 'Em Out: How to Master the Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Smokey eye makeup is a classic eye look that has been a staple for centuries. Even after all these years, trends have come and gone but the dark smokey eye makeup still remains relevant. In fact, to this day, black smokey eye makeup it’s still one of the most loved and popular looks for special occasions. We’re putting the spotlight back on it and teaching you how to create the perfect smokey eye makeup look by yourself in some simple steps.


How to Master the Smokey Eye Makeup Look: The Basics  

Smokey eye makeup is a makeup style that draws focus to the eyes. It’s a bold look that is usually quite dark, however, there are many ways to wear it. You can also make them wearable by going for natural smokey eye makeup or perhaps ditching the black eyeshadow for brown smokey eye makeup instead. The idea remains that the eyes look smoked out and bold, with darker shades in the centre of the eyelids.  


Smoke 'Em Out: How to Master the Smokey Eye Makeup Look   

No matter how easy your favourite creators make it look, you cannot simply start this look without any plan in mind. Determine the colour scheme, how dark you’d like to be and everything around the same. Once you have it all down, let’s get into the steps.  

This also includes understanding your eye shape, eye colour and what style would look best on you. This is a trial-and-error process but make sure you have a fair understanding before starting the look – especially if you’re about to head out.  


Tip #1: To not prime is a crime!

Smoke 'Em Out: How to Master the Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Whether you’re going for sultry eye makeup or any simple classic eye look, you have to prep your canvas. Apply your favourite eyeshadow primer all over your lid and under-eye before starting. You can also use a black eyeshadow pencil as a primer. It will act as a base colour and primer in one and keep your look in place all day.  

The Lakmé Absolute Explore Eye Shadow Sticks are perfect for eye makeup prep. They come in nine shades that can work for multiple eyeshadow looks. These are intensely pigmented and add a pop of colour in one swipe. The lighter shades in this range can also be used on a daily basis as a light wash of colour.  

Just remember to keep the eyeshadow stick pigment right under where your crease is. This will help you buff out the edges without getting too close to your eyebrows.  


Tip #2: Start slow and build

Smoke 'Em Out: How to Master the Smokey Eye Makeup Look

This applies to every step in makeup. Always start with a little and keep adding as you go. It’s always easier to add than to remove if you go overboard – especially when it comes to dark eyeshadows. It can be painful to blend out eyeshadows if it’s excessive! Start as close to your lash line as possible and keep blending and adding. Once you’re happy with the edges of your eye shadow look, add more pigment to the middle and deepen as per your liking.  


Tip #3: Keep clean brushes handy

Smoke 'Em Out: How to Master the Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Nice eyeshadow brushes are one of the most underrated essential eye makeup products. When attempting smokey eye makeup, fluffy blending brushes can be your best friend. Keep a few clean eyeshadow brushes around when you start your eye makeup to keep blending the edges as you go. A small fluffy brush can be used to define the crease, a flat brush is apt for packing on pigment on the lids and fluffy brushes diffuse the outer perimeters with ease.  

You can also keep reusing the same brushes by wiping out the colour on a clean tissue. This will get rid of most of the shade but might leave some traces behind.  


Tip #4: Do the eyes first 

Smoke 'Em Out: How to Master the Smokey Eye Makeup Look

When dealing with dark colours, it’s better to do the eyes first. You may have fallout, mishaps or over blending that extends too far. Wiping out fall out of dark or black eyeshadow is a big no-no! It will ruin your entire base and you will possibly have to start over. You can try the baking method to trap your eyeshadow on the powder itself but if it manages to touch your foundation or concealer, it will taint the base. 

Hence, it’s wise to do your eyes first and then move on to the base. Eyes can come after the base for natural looks but not in this case. 

Tip #5: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Smokey Eye

Smoke 'Em Out: How to Master the Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Now let’s learn how to create this look. Here’s a step-by-step smokey eye tutorial.  

  • Start with a neutral shade all over your eyelids.  

  • Use a matte brown eyeshadow and start by adding depth to your crease. Keep blending this in wiper motion through your crease till it looks as natural as possible.  

  • Use a darker brown shade and apply it on the outer corners. Blend it slightly inward and through the crease. The blending techniques for this are circular motion and wiper motion when going through the crease. 

  • Once you’re happy with how the crease and outer corners look, pack on a dark eyeshadow all over your lids but don’t go all the way to the crease.  

  • Use a small fluffy brush that’s clean and blend the lid and crease colour gently. Don’t blend till it turns to one muddy shade! Just blend enough till you see a seamless transition that mimics the look of a sunset.  

Check out the Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Eyeshadow Palette In Smokin Glam. The intense, buttery eyeshadows in this palette are enough to fulfil all your smokey eye dreams. It comes with 12 rich shades, ranging from muted to bold, that work wonderfully on everyone for smokey eye makeup. 

Tip #6: Finishing Touches to complete the look

Smoke 'Em Out: How to Master the Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Your eyeshadow look cannot steal the show on its own, it relies on other makeup factors to shine. Here are some easy steps to make your look flawless! 


Don’t forget mascara and kajal.  

Your eyes will look closed and small if your eyelashes are not accentuated. Make sure you apply a few coats of mascara after your eye makeup is completed. 

Our favourite mascara for volume and length in one is the Lakmé Eyeconic Volume Mascara! The thick wand separates and adds drama to every lash individually. A few coats of this and you’re set for the night.  

When it comes to kajal, your eyes look incomplete when the eyeshadow is dark, but the rims of your eyes look nude or white. Hence, always finish the look by running a black kajal through your top and bottom waterline. This will also create the illusion of thicker lashes. Go for the fan-favourite Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal for this job. This smudge-proof formula stays in place for up to 24 hours and does not move! The rich creamy texture glides on easily and keeps your eyes looking dramatic all day, all night! 


Groom your eyebrows 

Brow grooming for smokey eye is an absolute must! Your eyes need to be balanced with well-defined eyebrows. Groom your eyes well with an eyeshadow pencil and set them in place. Don’t go too heavy as the eyes and brows might look too intense together.  


Use concealer 

Cancel out the darkness under your eyes to ensure the focus remains on the smokey eye makeup. Dark circles might interrupt the look and create the illusion that your eyeshadow has smudged and settled in the fine lines underneath your eyes. Hence, conceal ‘em up with your favourite concealer.  

As for us, we trust the Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer for our smokey eye needs. This concealer comes with a built in primer that makes it ultra long-lasting and smooth. This blends easily and provides full coverage for a flawless finish.  


Go for nude lips 

If your eyes are bold, keep the lips mellow. This smokey eye makeup thumb rule has been followed for generations! This helps keep the look sultry and prevents it from looking tacky. You need not go full-on concealer lips but a wash of nude, perhaps a nude gloss, would be perfect for smokey eye makeup looks! 


FAQs about Smoke 'Em Out: How to Master the Smokey Eye Makeup Look … 

Q1: Can I use my kajal for smokey eyes? 

Yes, you can use your kajal as black eyeshadow by scribbling it across your eye lid and gently buffing out the edges.  


Q2: How can I prevent fallout when using dark eyeshadows? 

Tap off excess product from your brush and start slow. If you still experience fallout, apply eye makeup before foundation, and use a tissue or makeup shield to catch the fallout. 


Q3: Can I try smokey eye makeup on my hooded eyes? 

Yes, smokey eye makeup can be customised for different eye shapes by adjusting the placement and blending techniques. 

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