Give your hooded eyes the flattery and attention they deserve by learning all the hacks for eye makeup for hooded eyes. We've got them here!

All eye shapes are unique and beautiful in their own way. However, some are easy to bedazzle and rock and some require a tad more effort for the #wowing look. And one of the others has hooded eyes. Seen on the iconic Selena Gomez, this eye shape is a bit tough to beautify owing to its  limited lid space. So, if you are one of those hooded eye girls and are looking for ways to make your eyes pop, we’re here with just what you need; eye makeup for hooded eyes. So, amp up your look and flatter your eye shape with the best tricks in town! Scroll down for it all.  

Guide to Perfect Hooded Eye Makeup Looks  

So what you’ve got a hood? Make it a pretty one!  

Tutorial #1: Eyeshadow 

eye makeup for hooded eyes eyeshadow

We all know some strokes of glitter or matte eyeshadow is a total look enhancer - exactly why many fall back on several palettes and in today’s age, also, gems and studs. But the eye makeup for hooded eyes takes a bit of a different turn, and here’s everything the eyeshadow area entails. 

Step 1: Prime your lids before picking up that eyeshadow palette. And what does this do? It creates a clean and smooth bed for powder application and ensures all your efforts don’t crease and crumble. And of course, we all know how annoying it is to see your product smudged on your upper eyelid, ugh! So start by applying a tiny amount of primer on each eyelid, wait for a minute or two and then dab some foundation and concealer. That makes your eyelids of one tone, prepared for all that eyeshadow drama! 

Step 2: Once done, take your eyeshadow palette and pick a matte shade onto the brush and dab it on the lower section of the eyelid, right above your eyeball. Also, don’t be shy for you can wear more than one shade but make sure to blend them well! Alternatively, when rocking makeup for hooded eyes, don’t keep away from adding a pop of highlight on the center of your eyelid! This will make your eyes appear bigger and increasingly attractive.  

Step 3: The next step is to pick a shimmery highlighter and dab it in the inner corner of the eyes (yes, you must’ve seen this infiltrate your IG feeds!) And if you love, the shimmer don’t forget to apply some right below the arch of your brow. When the flash hits, you’ll see the magic unfold. 

Step 4: More than a step, this is a tip. While doing eye makeup for hooded eyes, make sure your eyes are fully open and relaxed, this way you will know exactly how your final makeup will look. 

Step 5: And lastly, the final garnish: spray some makeup setting spray to lock the look in place and prevent it from smudging. 

Tutorial #2: Eyeliner 

eye makeup for hooded eyes eyeliner

You may have heard it once or maybe even a hundred times to keep away from the cat eye or to avoid extending your eyeliner beyond your lash line when you have hooded eyes. And yes, this is right all the way for this eye makeup for hooded eyes can make your eyes look smaller. However, don’t panic that quickly for there’s a solution for everything. And we’ve found an eye makeup for hooded eyes hack…*drumroll* – a fake cut crease! Yes, you read right.  

So, follow the steps below and sport that winged eyeliner you’ve been avoiding all this while! 

Step 1: No eye makeup for hooded eyes will ever look perfect without the perfect base, therefore start by prepping your lids with some primer and create a smooth canvas. 

Step 2: With the help of pencil eyeliner create a line that starts at the outer edge and moves towards the inner corner of the eye. If you’re wondering, which eyeliner pencil to use while doing your eye makeup for hooded eyes - we vouch for the unmatched; Lakmé Eyeconic Insta Cool Kajal! This pigmented kajal is pigmented to the T and will allow your eyes to do the talking. To make the most of it, ensure that the kohl stroke should appear darker on the outer corner and get lighter as you move inwards. 

Step 3: Wait for a minute, let it set, then grab your fluffy brush to blend and soften the line you just created. Blend it in an upwards and outward direction towards the brow bone and outer corner of the eyes. PS: do not blend out the outer edge of the line as it defines your crease.  

Step 4: Take a waterproof eyeliner and draw a diagonal from the inner corner of the eye, extending slightly beyond the lash line. Then draw a line that extends up from your lower lash line and meets the diagonal line.  

Step 5: Add a few strokes of waterproof mascara to finish the look. We recommend the Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara or the one and only Lakme Absolute 3D Lash Volumiser; nothing like these two!  

Tutorial #3: Eyebrow pencil 

eye makeup for hooded eyes eyebrows

The girls that get it, get and the girls that don't, the right brow shape can make all the difference. So, when filling brows, don’t go too dark or your hooded eyes will look tired. A thin brow will give the illusion of space and open up the eye area. So, when getting creative doing your eye makeup for hooded eyes, keep this in mind. 

Step 1: Go to a professional to shape your brows, they will know exactly what will complement your eye shape. If you shape your own brows at home, don’t keep it too bushy or thick. 

Step 2: Lightly outline the natural shape of your brows using a brow pencil. Wondering which one? Don’t! We’re a fan of the Lakmé Eyebrow Pencil. Giving you those extra brows like a dream, use this pencil at the bottom or your brows  and draw light, feathery strokes. Fill in sparse brows using the same light strokes. To top off, this last bit of eye makeup for hooded eyes, get your hands on a spoolie and gently comb through each brow for a natural look. 

Step 3: To further enhance the shape of your brows, first use a concealer over and under the brow and then, highlighter. This will help illuminate underneath the arch for brighter-looking eyes and give your eye makeup for hooded eyes that charming touch.  

FAQs about Perfect Hooded Eye Makeup Guide  

eye makeup for hooded eyes FAQ

The answers to all you want to know  

1) Where do I apply eyeliner on my hooded eyes? 

A. Makeup artists believe applying eyeliner to hooded eyes can make it look smaller. While some are of the opinion that applying liner to the waterline is better, others feel a small, thin line close to the lash line looks pretty. So experiment with these styles of eye makeup for hooded eyes and see what works best with your eyes. 

2) What’s the prettiest eye shape? 

A. Every eye shape is pretty in its own unique way, but some women with hooded eyes feel they can’t create too many eye looks. With the help of makeup, every eye shape can be enhanced and given the illusion of bigger eyes. However, in today’s day and age, recreating the almond eye shape is in fashion.  

3) Which celebrities have hooded eyes? 

A. There are many celebrities with hooded eyes, but they know the best makeup tricks to make their eyes look more appealing. Some of them are Alia Bhatt, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Blake Lively, Megan Fox and more.