Shape Of You: Tailored Makeup Tips For Oval Faces

Written by Kinnari AsharMay 10, 2024
Shape of You: Tailored Makeup Tips for Oval Faces

Are you tired of feeling like your makeup routine doesn't quite fit your unique features? Do you have an oval face shape that you're not sure how to accentuate? Well, you're not alone! Many people struggle with finding makeup techniques that complement their face shape. That's why we're here to help!  

In this article, we'll explore the characteristics of an oval face shape and provide tailored makeup tips that will enhance your natural beauty and flatter your unique features. Get ready to discover personalised makeup tips that will help you embrace your oval shape and feel confident in your own skin.  

Embracing Your Oval Face Shape  

First things first, let's delve into what makes an oval shape unique. If you have an oval face shape, your face is longer than it is wide, with a gently curved jawline and a forehead that is slightly wider than your chin. Oval face shapes are considered to be one of the most versatile face shapes, as they can showcase a wide range of makeup looks. 

When it comes to makeup techniques tailored specifically for oval faces, versatility is key. You have the freedom to experiment with different makeup looks, from bold and dramatic to soft and natural. Here are some personalised makeup tips that will enhance your unique features and flatter your oval shape. 

Flattering Features: Highlighting Your Oval Face  


Highlighting is a great way to accentuate the features of an oval face. You can enhance your natural beauty and create a radiant glow by strategically highlighting your cheekbones, brow bones, and other facial contours. Here are some tips for highlighting your oval face: 

  1. Use a highlighter that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. This will create a subtle highlight that looks natural and radiant. 

  1. Apply the highlighter to the high points of your face, including your cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of your nose. 

  1. Blend the highlighter with a fluffy brush to create a seamless finish. 

The Lakmē Facelift MultiSlayer Highlighter Stick - Golden Gleam is perfect for highlighting your face. It delivers high pigment while also being smooth, creamy and light on the skin. 

Contouring for Definition: Enhancing Your Oval Shape  


Contouring is another technique that can add definition and structure to your oval face shape. You can create a balanced and defined look by sculpting your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. Here are some tips for contouring your oval face

  1. Use a contour shade one to two shades darker than your skin tone. This will create a shadow effect that defines your features. 

  1. Apply the contour shade to the hollows of your cheeks, the sides of your forehead, and the jawline. 

  1. Blend the contour shade with a fluffy brush to create a natural-looking shadow. 

Try out the Lakmē Facelift MultiSlayer Contour Stick - Bold Drama to contour your face. It is highly pigmented and light on your face. You can use it as contour for the jawline, definition for the collarbones, pigment for your lips. 

Eye Makeup for Oval Faces: Accentuating Your Eyes


Your eyes are one of your most expressive features, and accentuating them can help enhance the natural shape of your oval face. Here are some tips for eye makeup that will complement your oval face shape

  1. Choose eyeshadows that complement your skin tone and eye colour. If you have warm-toned skin, opt for warm-toned eyeshadows. If you have cool-toned skin, opt for cool-toned eyeshadows. 

  1. Apply a medium-toned eyeshadow to your eyelid, a darker shade to your crease, and a lighter shade to your brow bone. 

  1. Use eyeliner to define your eyes. For a subtle look, use a brown or grey eyeliner. For a bold look, use a black eyeliner. 

  1. Apply mascara to your lashes to complete the look. 

Check out the Lakmē Absolute Explore Eye Shadow Sticks which are versatile and effortless sticks. These vibrant shades have a smooth, luxe texture that makes them super light and comfortable to wear. It ensures you get an effortless, no mess application with an ever-so-easy glide. 

Lip Looks for Oval Faces: Perfecting Your Pout  


Lips are another important feature that can be enhanced with makeup. Here are some tips for lipstick and lip liner techniques that will balance and enhance your lips on an oval face shape: 

  1. Choose lip colours and finishes that complement your overall makeup look. Opt for a neutral lip colour if you're going for a bold eye makeup look. If you're going for a soft and natural look, opt for a pink or nude lip colour. 

  1. Use a lip liner to define your lips and prevent your lipstick from bleeding. Choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick colour. 

  1. Apply your lipstick with a lip brush for precise application. 

Try out the shades from Lakmē Xtraordin-airy Lip Mousse which is a light-as-air, velvet matte lipstick that's whipped to perfection. Infused with Cocoa Butter, it gives a matte finish yet keeps your lips nourished and moisturized. It also comes with a precision tip applicator that ensures you experience perfect application every time in every swipe. 

Embracing your oval face shape can be a journey of self-discovery and experimentation. So, don't be afraid to try new things and experiment with different makeup looks. Remember, makeup is all about having fun and expressing yourself! 

FAQs about Makeup Tips for Oval Faces 

Q1 What are the best hairstyles for oval face shapes? 

A: Oval face shapes are considered one of the most versatile, so a wide range of hairstyles can complement this shape. Some great options include long layers, a lob, a bob, or a side-swept fringe. 

Q2 What are some common mistakes to avoid when doing makeup for oval faces? 

A: One common mistake is using too much product. With an oval face shape, less is often more. Another mistake is using the wrong shades or colours. It is important to choose shades that complement your skin tone and eye colour. 

Q3 Are there any makeup looks that should be avoided for oval faces? 

A: Oval faces can pull off a wide range of makeup looks, so no specific looks should be avoided. It's all about experimenting and finding what works best for you. 

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