Make Sure Foundation, Primer Last Longer This Summer

Written by Lopa KJun 10, 2023
Make Sure Foundation, Primer Last Longer This Summer

Soaring temperatures and scorching heat, have officially announced the arrival of summer. It’s that time of the year again when heat, humidity and sweat are likely to wreak havoc on your skin and makeup. So ladies, unless you want your face to melt and look like an impressionist painting, it’s time to resort to the right summer makeup and skincare regimen. But before we show you how to use foundation, primer and all that jazz, let us look at why our makeup starts acting up during this time of the year.

How to Make Sure Foundation, Primer Last Longer This Summer: The Basics

There is nothing worse than stepping out of your house with a full face of makeup and having it melt away in just a couple of hours! It can especially be challenging to make sure your makeup does not end up on your neck or the shirt collar in the summer. Humidity, constant sweating and oily skin can break down the layers of your makeup and melt it through the course of the day. Smoky eyes can turn into racoon eyes and foundation can start to look splotchy - both of which are so not cute!

One of the reasons why your makeup also ends up on your sleeve in the summer is because you tend to wipe away sweat and oil from your face. Keep a stack of blotting papers in your bag to dab away rather than wipe or load up with powder. And start your summer by going through your makeup bag and removing all the heavy-duty products. Stick to around a couple of essentials to wear during hot, sweaty days. Chances of drippage increase the more you stack on. So, go minimal! Another step is also to layer your makeup right like learning how to use foundation, primer and other products. So, let us take a look at five more easy tips on how to make your makeup last longer.

5 Tips on How to Make Foundation, Primer Last Longer

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1. Ice it up

The right way on how to use primer and foundation is to first prep such as your usual CTM routine. One quick hack that can also work wonders is using ice! Ice cubes infused with home ingredients like milk, green tea or cucumber work efficiently to calm the skin during the summers. Icing your face with ice cubes reduces inflammations, boosts blood circulation, soothes the skin and tightens it as well. On top of it, it tightens the pores and absorbs excess oil, all of which in turn improve skin quality and help your makeup look seamless.

2. Exfoliate once a week

To keep your makeup from melting and your skin from ruin, you have to make sure that you keep your skin cleansed. This means you need to add exfoliation to your summer skincare routine and scrub away with those dead cells and clogged pores before you even start with makeup. We suggest you exfoliate using a scrub that suits your skin type. You can also opt for a homemade scrub. Tomato, sugar, salt and oatmeal-based scrubs once a week can work wonders during summer.

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3. Make peace with a primer

Well, the time has come to show you how to use primer and foundation on face the right way. However much you invest in waterproof products, if you don’t prime your skin well during summer, even the simplest of makeup won’t sit. So make sure you prime your face and eyelids as part of your summer makeup routine. If you ask us, a thin layer of the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Primer before applying makeup helps avoid creases and works as a solid base for summer makeup. It makes sure your skin is protected from makeup and does not let it affect your skin.

So, skin issues that are worsened during summer are not affected. It also controls sebum production in oily skin types and adds a moisturising protective barrier in dry skin types. A primer even fills in the lines and unevenness on your skin and makes sure your makeup spreads evenly and smoothly. We suggest you mix your sunscreen with the primer and apply it to your face for a flawless finish. This will help your summer makeup last long while protecting you from the harsh UV rays!

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4. Use a foundation with in-built primer

Since primers are your only saving grace, go all out. But if you want to know how to use foundation without primer, then look for 2-in-1 products. This means products with built-in primers like the Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Perfect Cover Foundation which lasts all day long. Its smooth formula makes it easy to apply and blend, giving you a natural finish. It also has shades in every colour and undertone for our diverse skin tones, making it easy to find the perfect one for you. Despite being lightweight, you can layer it till you get the coverage you want. Oh, and it also has SPF 20, perfect for defending yourself from the summery sun.

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5. CC cream as a lighter alternative to foundation

We all love the even tone and high coverage that a foundation can provide. But sometimes, we just need a lighter alternative say when you want to impress your crush by joining him on a marathon in the middle of May. Or are you attending a friend’s Haldi which is set outside and under the sweltering sun? You can always turn to a CC cream in such cases.

A CC cream like the Lakmé 9 to 5 CC Mousse works beautifully to give an even skin tone and sheer coverage while also eliminating the heavy, cakey feeling that comes with the usual full face of makeup. And thanks to its light and airy texture, it feels as if you are not wearing any makeup. And it also has vitamin E to nourish your skin and is non-comedogenic, so if you have open pores or sensitive skin, this will work for you.

FAQs about How to Make Sure Foundation, Primer Last Longer This Summer

Q1. How does face mist help makeup?

A. Another crucial step to your summer makeup regimen is the face mist. Once you have given your makeup the finishing touches, spray on some setting spray aka face mist or dust a compact powder to lock in your makeup. Face mist and compacts not only help your makeup stay put but also have oil-absorbing properties that let you go hours without having to touch up your makeup.

Q2. Why is primer important?

A. A primer is a godsend for makeup lovers. It helps lock the makeup in place and also acts as a base for the makeup to hold on to, making it last all long day long. So always apply a primer before going in with any makeup product to keep it from melting.

Q3. Why does makeup melt in summer?

A. You sweat a lot more during summers and the makeup mixes with the sweat and waters it down, meaning your makeup moves and comes off the skin. Oily skin also gets oilier during the hotter months and this causes the makeup to settle in fine lines and creases. Or if you have dry skin, due to the constant switching between hot exteriors and air-conditioned interiors, dry skin tends to react badly and get flakier leading to the peeling of makeup.

Well, there you have it. This is how to use foundation, primer and other makeup products to make them last long. After all who likes to walk out of the house like a million bucks only to see that it has all melted off by the end of the day?

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