7 Summer Makeup Tips To Keep Your Glam Game Sweat-Proof

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
7 summer makeup tips to keep your glam game sweat-proof

It is not just your skincare routine that needs a do-over for the summer, your makeup routine needs to be elevated as well. As is customary, summer brings with it the sweat and excessive oiliness of skin - a combination that does not bode well for the staying power of makeup. Your summer makeup can actually 'melt' in the heat and unless you are customising it to withstand a hot day, your face can look like fresh paint caught in the rain!

Some of the major makeup issues in summer are cakey foundations, smudged eyeliner, sticky lippies, and a shiny forehead. Fortunately, there are ways to mattify and solidify your makeup so that it doesn't move all over your face. Starting with skincare...


How to prepare matte skin for summer makeup

FAQs about summer makeup

Summer makeup begins with excellent skin prep to keep it happy and thriving underneath all of the layers. Start with a clarifying cleanser that breaks down the oil-build up on your skin and gives you a fresh feel. Follow this up with a pH-balancing toner that helps tighten pores and controls sebum. Layer on a lightweight essence to give your skin a soft glow followed by a moisturiser that has been formulated for summer time. Finish the routine with sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV exposure.


Tips for summer makeup look

FAQs about summer makeup

Once your skincare routine is set in place, here are some tips that can help with sweat-proofing your makeup look...

FAQs about summer makeup

A primer does more than just make your makeup last for long hours, it is also responsible for preparing the right base for it. Applied after skincare and as the very first step of makeup, silicone and gel-based primers can provide mattifying benefits to your skin in summer. They are formulated with a lightweight texture that is easy to apply, fill in any superficial lines and wrinkles, and have oil-control benefits for long days of wearing makeup.

FAQs about summer makeup

Stock up on waterproof versions of your favourite makeup products as they are your only defence against sweating on a hot day. They are formulated to be long-wear and are beneficial for doing your base and your eyes. From waterproof mascaras to liquid eyeliners that can only be removed with a makeup remover, waterproof makeup is an absolute must for the summer season. Make sure to also stock up on makeup removers or adopt a double cleansing system to remove waterproof makeup. Also, always remove your makeup before bed as waterproof makeup can be highly comedogenic in nature and clog your pores if not removed for the night.

FAQs about summer makeup

Even though the glow-for-the-Gods look is trending, they can make your skin glisten the wrong way in summer. Look for a matte finish in your products to extend their staying power when it is hot out. Keep a safe distance from creams, illuminating, and oil-based formulas as the humidity in the air will make your skin shine way beyond your liking. If you do want some glow on your face, switch to stains (lip and blush) to add some vibrancy to your cheeks or plumpness to your lip.

FAQs about summer makeup

Since a lot of summer makeup relies on using matte products, you might be missing the glow a bit. Add warmth and dewiness to your look with bronzers and highlighters. These shimmering products can be applied to the high points of your face (nose, chin, apple of the cheeks and brow bone) to catch the light and make your complexion shine. Also, bronzers add warmth to your complexion and make your eyes look brighter. Look for powder formulations that can be lightly dusted on your skin without giving it that fake, baked look. Take these products down to your collarbones and décolletage to amp up the drama even further!

FAQs about summer makeup

Lock away your rich and deep pigment palettes for the summer - this is the season for sheer, pastel hues that let your natural complexion peek through from underneath. Stock up on the sheer versions of your favourite makeup products, especially lip and eye makeup. Sheer, light shades match the carefree vibe of summer; they look good even when smudged a bit with the sweat. If you do wish to wear a dark colour, layer it with a clear, waxy coat or gloss to seal in the pigment and stop it from bleeding.

FAQs about summer makeup

The eye makeup is most at risk in the summer - sweat can pool in the creases of your lids and make your shadow look clumpy. Make sure to prep your eyelids before going in with a shadow. Take a makeup wipe and clean any residual skincare product on your lids, let it dry and apply a thin layer of eyeshadow primer on top. This hack works with applying your liner as well - just press some eyeshadow on top of it to seal in the pigment. Make sure to use an angled brush for a precise and clean look.

FAQs about summer makeup

It is necessary to finish your makeup routine with a setting spray as the final step. The formula further seals in all the makeup products you have used and makes it last until you take it off with a makeup remover. As for your touch up needs throughout the day, carry some travel size powders and sprays in your bag. Not only do they keep oiliness away, but they can also instantly mattify the shine peeking through your makeup.


FAQs about summer makeup

FAQs about summer makeup

Q. Can you wear heavy makeup in summer?

A. It is not recommended to wear layers of makeup for summer - all they will do is end up in a melted pool at the bottom of your face! Plus, heavy makeup tends to crease and starts to look cakey as soon as it comes in contact with sweat and oil.  So, if you want a makeup look that won't travel your face on a hot day, we suggest you opt for a sheer and light layer instead of thick coverage.

Q. What is the biggest summer makeup trend for 2021?

A. One of the biggest summer makeup trends for 2021 is the use of vivid and vibrant colours in your makeup looks. Pigments like lemon yellow and neon orange are lively, fun, and give you a youthful glow. Make sure to balance out these bright hues with nude or matte complexions; it will make them pop more as well.

Q. How to touch up summer makeup that looks shiny from sweat?

A. If your makeup is losing against sweat and starts to look shiny on a hot day, there are some ways to touch it up easily. Use blotting papers or rice papers to soak up the excess oil on your face. You can also use a translucent pressed powder to instantly mattify and touch up oily foreheads or noses this summer!

Q. How to stop lipstick from bleeding in summer?

A. There are a couple of hacks you can use to stop your lipstick from bleeding in the summer-

  1. Apply your lipstick and dust some translucent powder on top to seal it in.
  2. A clear lip gloss forms a barrier around your lips and stops your lipstick from bleeding through.
  3. Use a little bit of concealer around your lips to stop the lip colour from bleeding.
  4. Layer with a clear lip balm or vaseline to avoid bleeding.
  5. Use blotting papers to mattify excess oil and soak up the excess pigment of creamy or oil-based lippies.

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