How To Sweat-Proof Your Makeup In The Summer

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 03, 2018
How to sweat-proof your makeup in the summer

The summer season brings with it a fair share of makeup and skin problems—and sweat tops that list. If you feel like there’s literally nothing you can do to about that annoying layer of sweat that’s determined to ruin your makeup, think again.

These tips will stop your makeup from melting and looking like a sweat factory.


Don’t ignore skincare

Always use a setting spray

The secret to preparing your makeup to fight the sweat battle lies in good skincare. Apart from using a cleanser that suits your skin type, remember to also moisturise—if you think moisturising your skin will aggravate the sweat and skip it, you will only worsen your skin texture. Use a lightweight moisturiser and make sure it’s completely absorbed into your skin. Then, use a mattifying, oil-absorbing sunscreen immediately. We recommend mixing the sunscreen with a primer and applying it on your face for a flawless finish. This will help your summer makeup last long!


Opt for a light-weight base

Always use a setting spray

We recommend keeping your heavy coverage foundations at bay when it comes to acing your summer makeup and keeping it sweat-proof. Instead, choose something lightweight, like a BB cream that gives you an even skin tone and sheer coverage. If there is some pigmentation, spot conceal it and blend it well with your BB cream.

BB Picks: We recommend going for the Pond’s BB+ Cream that will give you sheer coverage without any cakiness.


Use powder

Always use a setting spray

Once your base is done, grab your powder brush and dust some translucent powder all over your face. Powders are great for the summers for their oil-absorbing properties—so be rest assured you can go hours without sweating as the powder efficiently does its work.


Carry blotting papers with you

Always use a setting spray

Blotting sheets are easy to store and super portable which means that you can carry them around wherever you go! If you’re someone with oily skin, trust us, these sheets are your best friends. Use them as and when you feel like your powder is wearing off and your face and makeup is starting to sweat.


Always use a setting spray

Always use a setting spray

End your summer makeup routine by spritzing some setting spray on your face—this is an extremely crucial step especially if you’re going to be out and about in the sun. The setting spray will lock all of your makeup and make it absolutely bulletproof. Setting sprays also have the magical properties of withstanding the sweat and oil that your face is prone to produce.

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