Makeup Placement Techniques For A Flawless Look

Written by Lopa KApr 25, 2024
Makeup Placement Techniques For A Flawless Look

Whether you're a makeup novice or a seasoned enthusiast, understanding how to strategically place makeup can transform your look. From accentuating your best features to creating stunning illusions, mastering these techniques is like wielding a magic wand for your face. So, get ready to explore the art of contouring, highlighting, and everything in between with these simple makeup tips. 

Makeup Placement Hacks 


1. Foundation

FAQs on Makeup Placement Techniques

Honestly, it isn’t the foundation that makes your face look natural or cakey, it is all you. How you apply your makeup makes all the difference. But of course, if you are starting out, a good foundation does help. 

To get started, turn to a lightweight, creamy foundation. Stick foundations are a blessing during our Indian summers as a little can go a long way. Go with something like the Lakmē Facelift Foundation Stick which also doubles up as a concealer if you want to go for a no-makeup look. 

  1. Less is more in this case since it blends easily and gives a natural coverage. Simply start from the centre of your face by gliding the stick on your cheeks, temple and jaw.  

  1. A lot of makeup tips suggest avoiding your nose, the sides of your nostrils and the inner corner of your eyes to avoid flakiness.  

  1. Take a brush or a damp beauty blender and start blending it out in patting motions. Don’t drag it out! 

  1. As the foundation spreads, use the product buildup on your tool to also apply around your mouth as even the clearest skin can have shadows and patchiness in this area. 


2. Concealer

FAQs on Makeup Placement Techniques

You may be wondering what’s the point of a concealer if a foundation does the job of evening your skin tone. Well, concealers are meant for spot correction and also adding dimension to your face.  

First, pick your favourite concealer. We usually go with the Lakmē Absolute Instant Airbrush Concealer Pen as it has a small brush tip which gives you full control on where you apply it.  

  1. If you have stubborn blemishes that even a foundation cannot hide, that is where you dot on the concealer.  

  1. To hide your dark circles, one of the best makeup tips is to draw an inverted triangle underneath your eyes. 

  1. Now, for the viral concealer lift, first apply it near the inner corner of your eye, dragging it down your nose and near your eye’s waterline, slanting upwards to your temple. Next, apply it to the sides of your nostrils and the edges of your lower lip. 

  1. Use your finger or beauty blender and blend it all out. For the concealer on blemishes, blend out the edges while leaving the concentration of the product in the centre. 


3. Contour

FAQs on Makeup Placement Techniques

Contouring is all about defining your natural features and your face shape so we are going to look into some makeup tips for that. Again, we love a stick like the Lakmē Facelift MultiSlayer Contour Stick as it feels like drawing on your contour. Oh and creamy makeup is the easiest to blend so don’t worry about harsh lines. 

  1. Draw on the contour to the sides of your forehead, under your cheekbones and on your jawline. For your nose, start from your eyebrow and draw down the sides of your nose.  

  1. Take your beauty blender and start blending out in outward motions. Pay extra attention to your nose and make sure there are no harsh lines at all.  


4. Blush

FAQs on Makeup Placement Techniques

No matter your face shape, blush can bring warmth and make your cheeks look fuller or sharper, depending on how you apply it. 

If you are a lazy or busy girl, get your hands on the Lakmē Facelift MultiSlayer Blush Stick. Whether you are on the train or heading out after work, just glide on the stick to switch up your look. It also works as an eyeshadow, so win-win! Or if you want a super dewy blush for that Sabrina Carpenter glazed makeup look, go with the Lakmē 9 to 5 Powerplay Velvet Crème Blush. Now, time to look at the placement with easy makeup tips for beginners.  

  1. If you have bony or sharp features, apply blush right on the centre of your cheeks. You know the way your mom or teacher did for those school annual days. 

  1. But, if you have a soft, round face or full cheeks, and want to make your face look more balanced out, focus on your cheekbones. In an outward-angled direction, apply the blush to your cheekbones. 

  1. As for the sunburnt Y2K look that all the Gen-Z girlies love, apply blush to the bridge of your nose. 

  1. Use your finger or a beauty blender to blend it all out.  


5. Highlighter

FAQs on Makeup Placement Techniques

Highlighter not only accentuates your face shape but also makes your makeup look oh-so-glam. 

The best highlighter is one that is buildable like the creamy Lakmē Facelift MultiSlayer Highlighter Stick. It works like a glow balm if you want a subtle, dewy look for the day. But add on a couple of layers and turn into a disco ball for the night!  

  1. One of the most important makeup tips for beginners is that you need to find the high points of your face. You can touch your face and wherever you feel the bone, that’s your high point. Generally, these areas are your cheekbones, brow bones, nose bridge, chin and the centre of your forehead. You can also apply highlighter to your lip’s cupid bow.  

  1. For a soft, minimalist look, just apply one light layer to these areas and completely blend it out with your finger or a beauty blender. For a bold look, add a couple of layers to the same area till you are happy with the brightness and blend out the edges. 


6. Lipstick

FAQs on Makeup Placement Techniques

When it comes to lip shapes, lipsticks are the easiest to apply. All you need is your favourite lipstick and a handy lip liner. 

Lakmē Absolute Beyond Matte Lip doesn’t emphasize the lines of your lips while still being matte. For the gloss girlies, Lakmē 9 to 5 Matte to Glass Liquid Lip has matte liquid lipstick and a transparent gloss. So, you can just change your look whenever you get bored. Just matte, gloss or glossy lipstick, the options are endless! 

  1. Now, to get started, line your lips with your liner. To avoid feathering or the butthole lips, you can also fill in your lips completely with the liner. This will act as a base for your lipstick to hold on to. 

  1. If you want to overline your lips, remember never to overline your lower lip. Simply draw slightly over your cupid’s bow and then connect it to your actual upper lip line. Don’t go overboard even if you are tempted because, in real life, overlining is very much visible and may not look good. 

  1. Then take your lipstick and glide it over your lips while staying inside the drawn lines.  


This is one of the best summer makeup tips as it will also help prevent any lipstick bleeding if you have oily skin or tend to sweat a lot. 


FAQs on Makeup Placement Techniques

FAQs on Makeup Placement Techniques

Q1. What is the L-shape blush hack? 

The L-shape blush hack is quite a viral placement technique. Make an L shape with your index finger and thumb and place it on the edge of your face. Then apply the blush alongside the L-shape or 90° angle that your fingers make against your skin. 

Q2. What is number theory in makeup? 

In number theory, according to your face shape, you get certain numbers and you have to apply your makeup product in the shape of that number. If you are not sure what your face type is, look for makeup scanners such as this Lakmē Fashion Week try-on feature. After it scans your face, it uses number theory to explain which makeup product should go where. So, if you have a round face, it will advise you to take your highlighter and draw an inverted 7 on your cheeks. 

Q3. Where to apply white eyeliner? 

There are several ways to apply white eyeliner. One way is to apply it to your waterline. This makes your eyes pop and look awake. Another way is to draw a horizontal V to the inner corner of your eyes as highlight. You can also use it to draw wings for a graphic look.    

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