Eye makeup is an art of the goddesses and what it does to your face is beyond mesmerizing. It instantly changes your entire look, making you look fierce and fabulous. All it takes to master the art of flawless eye makeup is practice, an understanding of choosing the right shades and some basic tips.

Trust us you don’t need to be a maestro to get your eye makeup right, start small and practice until you can blend it like your favourite beauty blogger! A starter’s kit for eye makeup will just include a palette with few shades, a tiny eye makeup brush and some inspiration to slay the glamorous eye makeup tips.

So ladies, are you ready to learn and ace perfect eye makeup? Well, you’re at the right place, scroll down for a simple step by step guide and get ready to give those eyes some much-needed drama.


Step 1: Use an eye primer

Use An Eye Primer For Eye Makeup

We insist that you always use an eye primer! After all, that’s precisely what will make your eye makeup stay put for a longer time. Eye primer helps create a smooth surface for the makeup to easily glide on. And if you have oily lids, there’s no way you can skip this step. Apply a tiny amount of eye primer and allow it to dry, after that use an eye shadow base to give your shades a good base to settle on if you don’t have an eye shadow base you can use foundation or concealer as well.


Step 2: Choose basic shades

Choose Basic Shades For Eye Makeup

It’s important to first start your eye makeup with the basic shades, you can always go crazy with colors and glitters once you’ve got a hold of it. Choose shades that you can use to create a casual everyday look, you’ll need a highlighter—in a shade that’s lighter to your skin tone, a mid-tone that will add a pop of color to your eyes, a contouring shade that is darker than your skin tone and a hint of black to add definition. These 4 shades can get you all ready, to try your hands on eye makeup.

BB Pro Tip: It’s best to choose matte makeup as it stays longer and doesn’t give out an illusion of oily eyelids.


Step 3: Choose your blending tools

Choose Your Blending Tools For Eye Makeup

Eye makeup brushes are different from the other makeup brushes, though there are beauty artists out there who just use their fingertips for eye makeup too! We suggest you use a brush if you are at a beginner level. You’ll need a small eye shadow brush, as it is flat and makes the application easier and precise. Next, you’ll need one small and medium-sized blending brush to smoothly blend the shades, creating a seamless smokey effect. You can add a smudger brush to your makeup kit, just in case you’d like to go heavy with the smoky sensuous look.


Step 4: Using the eye shadow brush

Using The Eye Shadow Brush For Eye Makeup

Starting with the lightest shade, glide the eye shadow brush on your eyelids starting from the inner corner of your eyes and stretching it outwards. The inner corner of your eyelids is always the starting point to apply your eye makeup.

BB Pro Tip: Every time you glide your brush on the shade, make sure to tap the brush to get rid of excess product.


Step 5: Using the blending brush

Using The Blending Brush For Eye Makeup

Glide your blending brush on the mid-tone shade and apply it above the crease line, this time start from outward and smoothly glide it inwards. Make sure to not overdo it and make it look as seamless as possible. The mid-tone can be any shade from neutral to the one that suits your outfit. You can stick to peach, pink or light orange for a safe bet.


Step 6: Contour your eyes

Contour Your Eyes For Eye Makeup

Contouring adds a great definition to your eyes, making it pop up glamorously. Using the darkest shade for contouring, start from the outer corner of your eyelids gliding it towards the crease. Make it a point to keep your contour shade lower than the mid-tone shade.


Step 7: Time to color pop the bottom lash line

Time To Color Pop The Bottom Lash Line

Now when your eye makeup on the eyelids is done, it’s time to move to the lower lash line. Take a tiny amount of mid-tone shade on the brush, starting from outward glide the brush inward until it meets the highlighting shade, the lighter shade that you applied first.


Step 8: Touch up!

Touch up! For Eye Makeup

Your eye makeup is all set to turn quite some heads, just some last fixes and you’ll fall deeply for the art of eye makeup. Use eyeliner to add more definition and shape to your eyes and finish the look by using a nice mascara to add length and volume to your lashes. You can also use fake eyelashes if you want to go for an extra dramatic look.