Who doesn’t like smokey eye makeup? Sultry and gorgeous, this versatile eye makeup makes for a bold statement and has been in trend forever. No matter what the occasion, smokey eyes is everyone’s go-to eye makeup choice. Irrespective of whether you’re a makeup junkie or not, you definitely must have looked up ‘how to do a smokey eye’ at least once. Amirite? But if you haven’t gotten around to creating the perfect smokey eye look, NOW is the time to do so.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up eight stunning smokey eye makeup looks that you can take inspiration from. Excited? Let’s begin…


1. The classic smokey eye

The classic smokey eye

Image courtesy: @Claudia Neacsu

Trust us when we say that you can never go wrong with this one. Use matte products, and you have a day look ready. Add a bit of shimmer, and you are ready to sashay your way through any party, ethnic or trendy. All you need is the knowledge of the technique. The best part about classic smokey eye makeup is that it suits every eye shape and gives the illusion of bigger and beautiful eyes.


2. The one-product smokey eye

The one-product smokey eye

Image courtesy: @TeenVogue

Want to take the party by storm with your gorgeous eyes, but do not have the products for it? What if we told you that can you can create a perfect smokey eye with just one product. And that is your kajal. Yes, all you need to do is first apply and blend it over your lids and smudge a little on the lower lash line, and then complete it by lining the lashline and tightlining. It’s easy, fuss-free, and economic in the times when we are going minimal on makeup products.


3. The pop-of-colour smokey eye

The pop-of-colour smokey eye

Image courtesy: @Denitslava

This is the plain smokey eye with a hint of colour for those who like adding a little drama in their makeup looks. All you need to do is create a simple smokey eye without touching the lower lashline. Thereafter, take any coloured eyeliner of your choice and swipe it over the lower line of your eyes, adding the much-needed drama to your smokey eye makeup. It’s chic, gorgeous, and dramatic all rolled into one — You are going to love it.


4. Shimmery smokey eye

Shimmery smokey eye

Image courtesy: @Wedding Forward | Inspirations Ideas Planning

If you can add a pop of colour, you might as well add a shimmer too. Well, maybe not together as it may ruin the effect. But this one is a perfect choice for evening parties. All you need is your favourite shimmery eye palette of nude shades, preferably, and apply those to create a dense eye look. Take the lightest shade to use as a highlighter for inner corners and eyebrow arches. Thereafter, let your kajal and eyeliner do the magic. Apply it liberally on your lashlines and waterline and get ready to take the party by storm.


5. Purple smokey eye

Purple smokey eye

Image courtesy: @ClioMakeUp

Can you even imagine smokey eye makeup without the classic black and brown shades? Well, yes, you can now create and flaunt smokey eye makeup looks that are not exactly created using those earthy colours. How about a purple smokey eye? Use a purple matte eyeshadow or crayon and spread and blend the shade over your eyelid. Swipe your eyeliner or kajal over the lashline and then tightline. You are done.



6. Ombre smokey eye

Ombre smokey eye

Image courtesy: @OkChicas

If you are daring enough to go for purple smokey eye makeup, why not create an ombre one with multiple shades blending into each other? This is edgy, catchy, and cool. Pick popping shades such as pink, blue and red, and blend those on the eyelid to create your favourite pattern. Whichever way you apply, ensure that there are no harsh and unblended lines. Those can ruin any makeup, especially the smokey eye one. The key to a good smokey eye makeup look lies in the way you smudge and blend. So make sure you blend, blend, blend for a seamless look.


7. Bridal smokey eye

Bridal smokey eye

Image courtesy: @ShadiWish Indian Wedding Planning

Want to sport the smokey eye makeup on your special day? Go a little extra. Start by creating the classic smokey eye and then go ahead pack bronzy glitter on the centre of your lids for a halo effect. Add some faux lashes and oodles of eyeliner and mascara to open up and define the eyes. Don’t forget to prep and prime your eyes to ensure your makeup doesn’t crease and smudge. Mostly, bronze and gold are the most sought-after shades for bridal smokey eye makeup and they create a beautiful effect.


8. Everyday smokey eye

Everyday smokey eye

Image courtesy: @BeautyPerry

Who said smokey eye can only be heavy? The intensity of the look can totally be adjusted to suit your preference. This one specially suits well with everyday makeup when you wish to go subtle yet want a little drama around your eyes. Ditch the black and opt for a cool-toned taupe shade and swipe it on the lids and lower lash line. Draw a neat flick on the upper lash line and leave the lower lid bare. Swipe on multiple coats of mascara to open up ‘em peepers.


Tips and tricks to create a good smokey eye makeup

Tips and tricks to create a good smokey eye makeup

Smokey eye makeup is tricky to pull off and create. Thus, there are a few ground rules to keep in mind before you go all kohled-up on your eyes. More than the right products, you need a few tricks that can help you nail the look. Or else you may end up having embarrassing panda eyes and trust us when we say that you do not want it.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for that perfect smokey eye makeup:

  • Use eyeshadow brushes. From the tapered one for a thin lining to the fluffy ones for blending, get them all.
  • Prep your eyes before you start. Apply concealer to cover up pigmentation (if any) and set it using translucent powder or a nude eyeshadow that’s closest to your skin tone. This will keep your eye makeup intact and will prevent it from creasing and smudging.
  • Do not forget the eyebrows. What good would good smokey eyes do if your brows are not on fleek? Fill those in.
  • Mascara is essential to open up your eyes and add definition.
  • For small eyes, ditch the kajal on the lower waterline and use a white or nude eye pencil instead. Smokey eye makeup is not the job of a novice, but then, anyone can master it with the right tips and tricks.


FAQ on smokey eye makeup

FAQ on smokey eye makeup

Q. What lip colours go best with smokey eye makeup look?

A. Ideally, we suggest pinks and nudes. The whole point of smokey eye makeup is to concentrate the attention on the eyes. Thus, the rest of the makeup is kept mute. However, if you are the one to go loud, a bold red for a party is not a bad choice. Also, loud lips go well with a soft smokey eye, which is an everyday pick.

Q. Can I create a smokey eye with just my kajal?

A. Yes you can. Just remember to blend really quickly if you have a smudge-proof kajal as those don’t budge easily once applied and dried. You can use the kajal to first create a base as you blend, and then apply it on lashline and waterline to complete the look. Finish off with multiple coats of mascara.

Q. How do I prevent my smokey eye look from smudging?

A. The key here is to use waterproof and smudge-proof products that won’t budge or run down your face, come at 12 pm. Use a primer to prime your lids before going in with your eyeliners and eyeshadow to ensure your makeup doesn’t crease or budge and lasts longer.