Concealer Hacks: How To Use For A Natural And Polished Look

Written by Lopa KJul 26, 2023
Concealer Hacks: How to Use for a Natural and Polished Look

Have you ever done your makeup, but your final result doesn’t impress? Most of the time the concealer doesn’t blend well or it looks too light. And of course, without concealer, our face just looks patchy. While there are many tips and tricks on avoiding cakey, thick makeup, there isn’t much help when the damage has already been done. If you want to learn how to identify if your concealer is going to look off in the final result and how to use concealer the right way, we’ve got you.  

Concealer Hacks: The Basics

1. Choosing the Right Concealer Shade 

The first step in knowing how to use concealer on face is finding the right shade that matches your skin tone. Undertones can be categorized as warm, cool, or neutral. Warm undertones have a yellow or golden hue, cool undertones have a pink or blue tinge, while neutral undertones have a mix of both. 

The best way to find your undertone is to check the veins on your wrist. If they appear green, you likely have warm undertones. If they appear blue or purple, you probably have cool undertones. If you can't see any one colour and your veins appear blue-green, you likely have a neutral undertone.  

When testing concealer shades, apply a small amount to your jawline or the inner part of your wrist. The ideal shade will disappear into your skin, providing a natural finish. Consider natural lighting when testing. If you’re buying online, check out reviews of people who are the same shade as you or a virtual try-on.

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For a reliable concealer option, consider the Lakmé Absolute Creme Concealer. With its diverse range of shades, it caters to various Indian skin tones, which means you will definitely find your match. This concealer provides excellent coverage and a has lightweight feel, making it a reliable choice for everyday use. It also has vitamin E and hydrating skin-friendly ingredients. So, if you want to know how to use concealer to cover acne, just go ahead and dab it on a pimple without any worry.  

2. Prepping the Skin for Concealer Application 

Before applying concealer, it's important to prepare your skin to create a smooth canvas. Begin by following a skincare routine tailored to your skin type. Cleansing, toning and moisturising are essential steps that help your skin stay hydrated and soft. 

To make sure the concealer lasts all day, you need to apply primer after moisturising. A primer creates a smooth surface and minimises the appearance of pores. And if you have specific concerns like redness or discolouration, using a colour corrector before concealer can help neutralize those areas. 

3. Concealing Dark Circles and Blemishes 

Dark circles can make you look tired and dull. To know how to use under eye concealer effectively, start by applying small dots of concealer under your eyes in a triangular shape, extending from the inner corner to the outer corner. Gently blend the concealer using a beauty sponge or a concealer brush. Be sure to blend the edges till it is seamless for a natural look. 

When covering blemishes or acne scars, use a concealer that matches your skin tone precisely. Apply a small amount directly onto the blemish, and then blend the edges carefully to avoid any harsh lines. Patting the concealer with your finger or a brush is the best way on how to use concealer on blemishes.

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4. Brightening and Highlighting with Concealer 

Concealer can also be used to brighten and highlight specific areas of your face. To brighten the under-eye area, choose a concealer shade that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply it in a triangular shape, similar to concealing dark circles, and blend it out. This technique helps create a lifted and radiant appearance and can also be another way how to use concealer to hide dark circles. 

For highlighting, select a concealer shade that is two to three shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply it to the high points of your face, such as the bridge of your nose, the center of your forehead, and the tops of your cheekbones. Blend the concealer gently for a subtle and natural glow. 

5. How to Apply Concealer 

Honestly, the only right answer is to keep blending. The war on how to use concealer and foundation is won once you learn how to blend in to get a natural and seamless finish. Go in with small, circular motions and keep blending. If you think you’ve applied too much of the product and your brush isn’t doing much anymore, wipe your brush on a clean tissue and get back to blending. This will eliminate excess concealer or foundation that was only making rounds on your skin and adding to the mess. Wiping the bristles will also prevent potential streaks that wet brushes tend to leave. You can also switch your brush to a damp beauty blender to make the process easier. 

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6. Setting and Blotting 

Use tissue paper or blotting paper to remove oiliness and then go back to blending with a damp beauty sponge. This is a trick many celebrity makeup artists use on sets when actors get sweaty and oily under photography lights. This one comes in handy if you have oily skin or if your makeup starts looking cakey after a few hours. Blot, blend and done. You can also use a little setting spray on your brush or sponge to blend the makeup better. Setting spray will help blend everything seamlessly. Ensure your beauty sponge isn’t completely dry since they’re designed to be used damp. 

7. Concealer for Lip, Eyebrow and Eye Makeup Cleanup 

Concealer can be a useful tool for precise makeup clean-up and defining certain features. To clean up eyebrow edges, apply a small amount of concealer on a flat, angled brush and trace along the edges of your brows. This helps create a sharp and polished look. 

When it comes to eye makeup, concealer can be used to clean up any fallout from eyeshadow or to create sharp, defined lines. Apply a small amount on a precision brush and carefully erase any smudges or excess eyeshadow. For precise and polished lip looks, use a lip brush with a tiny amount of concealer to outline and clean up the edges of your lips.

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FAQs about Concealer Hacks: How to Use for a Natural and Polished Look

Q1. How to use a colour corrector with concealer?  

Colour correctors are designed to neutralize specific skin concerns before applying concealer. If you have redness, opt for a green colour corrector. For dark spots or hyperpigmentation, a peach or orange corrector can help balance the discolouration. Apply the colour corrector sparingly to the targeted area, blend it out, and then proceed with your concealer. 

Q2. Can I mix moisturiser with concealer? 

Mixing moisturiser with concealer is possible, but it's essential to find the right balance. Adding a small amount of moisturizer to your concealer can create a more sheer and dewy finish, making it suitable for a natural makeup look. However, be cautious not to add too much moisturiser, as it may affect the coverage and longevity of the concealer. 

Q3. Why does my concealer fade quickly? 

Several factors can contribute to concealer fading quickly. Firstly, it can be because of inadequate skincare preparation. Ensure your skin is well-moisturised and primed before applying concealer. Additionally, using an oil-free concealer or setting it with a translucent powder can make it last longer. Lastly, avoid excessive touching or rubbing of your face, as it can cause the concealer to fade or transfer.

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