Concealer is one of our go-to makeup products for skin concerns such as reducing redness, darkening under-eye circles and hiding blemishes. When used properly, concealers can help reduce redness, even out skin tone and make the under-eye area look bright and luminous even if you are not getting enough sleep. 

If you are new to using concealer, don't worry, we've got you covered. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to use concealer on face with our best tips. 

Concealer Chronicles: Mastering 5 Game-Changing Techniques  

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to different types of concealer and how to use them in your makeup routine. First, you must choose the right type and texture concealer to suit your skin type. Then, you need to find the right formula to apply to your skin and how to use it. 

Concealing Imperfections with Precision  


If you struggle with acne, scars, or redness, concealer can be your secret weapon. Using the right technique, you can cover imperfections with pinpoint accuracy. Start with a green colour-correcting concealer to neutralise redness, then apply a skin-toned concealer on top. Lightly blend the edges to create a seamless finish. 

When it comes to under-eye circles, choose a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. Apply it in a triangle shape under your eyes, extending to the top of your cheekbones. This technique brightens the under-eye area, erases dark circles, and gives you a well-rested appearance. Blend the concealer carefully with your fingers or a brush to avoid any harsh lines. 

If you are wondering how to use primer and concealer, try out the Lakmē 9to5 Primer+Matte Liquid Concealer. This concealer acts as both a cover-up and primer, hiding imperfections like blemishes and dark circles while creating a smooth, matte finish. Its built-in primer minimizes pores and evens out skin tone. The formula, available in 8 shades for diverse skin tones, ensures a crease-free, long-lasting coverage.  

Contouring and Highlighting Like a Pro  


Contouring and highlighting with concealers can give you a sculpted and radiant look. Start by choosing a concealer that is two shades darker than your skin tone to contour and one shade lighter to highlight. Apply the darker shade on the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, and sides of your nose. Blend it carefully to create a subtle shadow effect. Then, apply the lighter shade on the high points of your face, such as your cheekbones, brow bone and the bridge of your nose. Blend it gently to create a natural glow. 

To add an extra pop of radiance, try mixing a liquid highlighter with your concealer. This will give your skin a luminous finish without looking too heavy. Apply it on the high points of your face and blend it well for a natural-looking glow

If you want to know how to use concealer pen to highlight and contour your face, use the Lakmē Absolute Instant Airbrush Concealer Pen. This easy-to-use pen swiftly covers dark circles and tired signs with its velvety texture. Lightweight and versatile, it enhances your complexion effortlessly. Wear it alone for a natural, airbrushed glow or pair it with your favourite foundation.  

Perfecting Your Base with Colour Correction  


Colour correction using concealers can help you achieve a flawless and uniform complexion. To begin with, use the colour wheel to determine which colour of corrector you need to use for your skin concern. For example, green correctors neutralize redness, while peach correctors brighten dark under-eye circles

Once you have identified the corrector colour you need, apply it to the areas where you need correction. Then, apply a skin-toned concealer on top to blend the corrector seamlessly into your skin. Remember to blend the edges carefully to avoid any harsh lines. 

If you have hyperpigmentation or discolouration, use a colour-correcting concealer in the opposite shade to neutralise it. For instance, if you have dark spots, use a peach or orange corrector to cancel out the blue or green tones. Then, apply a skin-toned concealer on top to create a flawless finish. 

Creative Concealer Hacks for Eyes and Lips  


Concealers can be used in creative ways to enhance your eye and lip makeup. To make your eyeshadow pop and stay vibrant all day long, you must know how to properly use concealer as an eyeshadow primer. Apply a small amount of concealer on your eyelids and blend it well to create an even base. This will help your eyeshadow adhere better, prevent creasing, and make the colours appear more vibrant. 

To achieve fuller-looking lips without injections, use concealer to highlight and contour your lips strategically. Apply a skin-toned concealer on the centre of your lips and blend it well towards the edges. Then, apply a darker shade of concealer on the outer corners of your lips and blend it carefully to create a shadow effect. This will create an illusion of plumpness and volume. 

You can also use concealer to define your cupid's bow by applying a small amount of concealer on the centre of your upper lip and blending it well. This will make your lips appear more defined and fuller. 

FAQs About Concealer Application  

Should I apply concealer before or after the foundation? 

It's generally recommended to apply concealer after foundation. The foundation helps even out the skin tone and then you can use concealer to target specific areas that need extra coverage. 

How do I choose the right shade of concealer? 

Select a concealer shade that matches your skin tone or is slightly lighter. Test shades on your jawline to find the closest match to your natural skin colour. 

How can I prevent concealer from creasing or looking cakey? 

To prevent creasing, use a minimal amount of concealer, set it with a translucent powder, and ensure your under-eye area is well-moisturized. Blend the concealer thoroughly for a seamless finish.