Pulling off a perfect makeup look is not an easy task. With so many steps involved like contouring, highlighting, baking, you are bound to make some lousy mistakes. While a glitch here and there is harmless, going wrong with your concealer can totally ruin your look. It’s an important part of your base make up and if not done correctly, can leave you looking undone. If you’re a beginner at the makeup game and can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, relax and read on.


1. Not picking the right shade

1.	Not picking the right shade

A common mistake is buying the wrong shade of concealer. A concealer’s job is to hide your dark circles and other pigmented spots to give you an even, slightly brighter tone. Choosing a shade that’s too light can make your under eye area look pale and ash-y.


2. Applying it before foundation

2.	Applying it before foundation

A concealer is generally applied after you set in your foundation or BB cream. Remember concealer is meant to conceal the imperfections and blemishes that are not covered by foundation. In case you are going for smoky eyes, using concealer after you do your eyes is a better option so that the eyeshadow debris is covered too.


3. The right texture

3.	The right texture

Picking the right texture is as important as picking the right shade. There are liquid, cream and stick concealers to choose from. Liquid concealers are for normal to dry skin and cream concealers are best for oily to normal skin. Both these types give minimum coverage, whereas stick concealers suit normal to dry skin and provide more coverage.


4. Not blending it properly

4.	Not blending it properly

The skin under the eye is very fine and delicate. Makeup, if not blended properly can be visible and look flaky. It’s recommended to use a flat brush or a sponge to apply the concealer and blend it in by tapping lightly with your ring finger.  


5. Prep and finish

5.	Prep and finish

Your concealer might be a mess, not because you applied it wrong but you didn’t prep your under eye area before. Before applying the concealer make sure you hydrate the under eye area. It helps to hold on to the eye makeup and makes it last for a lot longer. Finish by dabbing loose powder for a natural matte finish.