Concealer and foundation are both made to enhance your skin's appearance, but they serve different purposes. Read more about these types of foundation makeup, their benefits, and differences. 

Concealer or Foundation: The Basics 

Foundation and concealer are the dynamic duo of makeup! They may seem similar, but each has its unique purpose. Foundation helps you achieve that smooth and even skin tone, while concealer is your trusty sidekick in covering up blemishes and dark circles. Discover the different types of foundation makeup, mind their features and choose the best for your skin. 

Benefits to Using Concealer for Makeup Perfection

Concealer or Foundation? What is the Difference? Lakme

1. Masking Blemishes 

Concealer is perfect for covering up any blemishes on the skin, including acne, dark circles, and scars. It can help even out skin tone and create a flawless look. You can try Lakmé Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer, that comes in eight shades suitable for Indian skin tones. So, you’re bound to find your perfect match. 

Tips on How to Use It Correctly 

For days when a full face of makeup seems a bit too much, applying a small amount of concealer on selected areas of your face can go a long way. Simply apply the concealer under your eyes, around your mouth and nose over any spots or blemishes, and you’ve got yourself a super lightweight, yet flawless base. 

2. Highlighting Face 

Concealer can also be used to highlight the face by applying it to the high points, such as the cheekbones and bridge of the nose. This creates a natural-looking glow and adds dimension to the face. 

Tips on How to Use It Correctly 

A concealer that’s a bit shiny, and one or two shades lighter than your normal concealer can be used to highlight your face. Simply apply this concealer where you’d normally apply highlighter (the high points of your face and under your eyebrows) for instantly bright and glowing skin. 

3. Correct your Makeup 

If you made a mistake with your makeup, such as smudging your eyeliner or applying too much blush, concealer can help to correct it. It can also be used to clean up any fallout from eyeshadow or glitter. 

Tips on How to Use It Correctly 

You can use a concealer to mimic the neatness of well-groomed eyebrows. After filling them in, just border the area under your eyebrows with a little concealer — right from where the brows begin to the tail-end. You can use a flat brush to achieve precision. Now, blend the concealer outwards, towards the eyelids. 

4. As a Primer 

Concealer can be used as a primer for eyeshadow, helping it to stay put and prevent creasing. It may also be applied to the lips before lipstick to help it last longer. 

Tips on How to Use It Correctly 

If your eyeshadow isn’t popping like you want it to, just dab some concealer on to your lids. This doesn’t just amplify your eyeshadow colour, but also enhances the longevity of your makeup, and smoothens the lids for a seamless blend of colours. 

5. For light coverage 

Concealer can be used as a lighter alternative to foundation, providing coverage without feeling heavy on the skin. It's perfect for those who prefer a more natural look or for touch-ups throughout the day. 

Tips on How to Use It Correctly 

You can certainly use your concealer as a tinted moisturiser, if you’re looking for light-to-medium coverage. Just mix a liquid concealer with your usual moisturiser, and blend into your skin with your fingertips. Easy-peasy! 

Foundation: Benefits and Tips on Usage 

Concealer or Foundation? What is the Difference? Lakme

1. Even skin tone 

Foundation can even out your skin tone and provide a base for the rest of your makeup. Different types of foundation makeup brands offer various coverage options, including light, medium, and full coverage. 

Tips on How to Use It Correctly 

Choose the best type of makeup brush for liquid foundation and apply it evenly to your face, blending it into your neck to avoid a harsh line. You can try the Lakmé Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse, that evens skin tone, hides pores, and gives a feather-light finish up to 16 hours. 

2. Minimise skin texture 

All types of foundation makeup can create a uniform base that evens out skin texture, allowing your other makeup products to glide on smoothly. This can help to minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines, providing a flawless finish to your overall look. 

Tips on How to Use It Correctly 

Use a primer before applying different types of liquid foundation makeup to help them last longer. Consider the different types of foundation makeup coverage and their uses to find the best option for your skin type, and desired finish. 

3. Hydrates your Skin 

Foundation with added moisturising ingredients can provide hydration to dry skin, preventing flakiness and dullness. This can help to create a smooth, radiant finish that leaves your skin looking and feeling healthy and nourished. 

Tips on How to Use It Correctly 

Consider different types of liquid foundation makeup with added hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid or vitamin E. Apply your foundation to well-moisturised skin for a smooth finish. 

4. Helps to Create a Desirable Finish 

Types of makeup foundation finishes can have a significant impact on the overall look of your makeup. Matte foundations provide a velvety finish that reduces shine, while dewy finishes add radiance and luminosity for a more youthful appearance. 

Tips on How to Use It Correctly 

Choose a foundation with a finish that complements your skin type and creates desired look for you. For different types of liquid foundation makeup, use a damp makeup sponge to apply for a dewy finish or a brush for a matte look. 

5. Protects your skin 

Talking about types of makeup foundation and their uses, we must mention the protection purpose. Foundation with added SPF can offer protection against harmful UV rays, preventing skin damage and premature ageing. This makes it an excellent option for those who spend time outdoors and want to take extra precautions to protect their skin from the sun's harmful effects. 

Tips on How to Use It Correctly 

Choose a foundation with at least SPF 15 and apply it generously to your face, especially to areas that are exposed to the sun. Re-apply as needed throughout the day. 

Concealer or Foundation? What is the Difference? woman dark skin brush

Concealer VS Foundation: What Is the Difference? 

1. Purpose 

Foundation is used to even out the skin tone and create a base for the rest of the makeup, while concealer is used to cover specific blemishes, dark circles, or other imperfections. 

2. Texture 

Concealer is typically thicker and more concentrated than foundation, allowing it to provide more coverage in targeted areas without appearing too heavy or cakey. 

3. Application 

Foundation is applied all over the face, while concealer is used sparingly and only on specific areas that require extra coverage, such as under the eyes or around the nose. 

FAQs about Concealer vs Foundation: What Is the Difference 

Q1 What goes first, foundation or concealer? 

This is a never-ending debate, and most makeup artists have their own way of using these two products. We believe it depends on each area of the face. While concealing dark circles, use concealer first and foundation later, and on the other areas of the face do vice versa. 

Q2 How do I prep my skin for makeup? 

No matter what your skin type is, if you want your makeup to look flawless, it is important to prep skin by cleansing, toning and moisturising it. Follow it up with a primer to prep your skin perfectly. 

Q3 How to make a concealer at home? 

If you don’t have a concealer just now at hand, you can easily make it by yourself only with two makeup products — a moisturising cream, and a compact or loose powder. Scrape some powder that matches your skin tone with a brush, and mix it with a moisturiser in equal quantities. You should get a product with creamy consistency. 

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