In this article, we will give you a step by step guide on how to use concealer on each part of your face. Concealer is the most versatile beauty product a girl can own. From concealing dark circles and pimples to brightening up your face, a trusted tube of concealer does it all. But despite all its awesome benefits, many women don’t know how to use this product correctly or end up not using it to its full potential. Learn how to do it now. 

What are the benefits of concealer use?  

Every makeup lover will agree that concealer is one of the most important products to get a uniform finish. After all, it helps hide every skin problem and makes your face appear even toned and flawless. However, while most women own the best concealers that money can buy, very few of them actually know how to apply concealer and that’s when the problem arises. Not knowing how to use a product can render it ineffective, and you end up blaming the product. Instead, how about learning to use it correctly to your advantage? 

concealer use base makeup brush

How to use concealer to create a sleek base 

For days when a full face of makeup seems a bit too much, applying a small amount of concealer on selected areas of your face can go a long way. Simply prime your face, apply the concealer under your eyes, around your mouth and nose over any spots or blemishes and you’ve got yourself a super lightweight, yet flawless base. 

concealer use highlighter

How to apply concealer on face: highlight your face features 

Using a concealer that’s a bit shiny, and one or two shades lighter than your normal concealer can be used to highlight your face. Simply apply this concealer where you’d normally apply highlighter (the high-points of your face and under your eyebrows) for instantly bright and glowing skin. 

concealer use define eyebrows lakme

Define your eyebrows with concealer

You can use a concealer to mimic the neatness of well-groomed eyebrows. After filling them in, just border the area under your eyebrows with a little concealer — right from where the brows begin to the tail-end. You can use a flat brush to achieve precision. Now, blend the concealer outwards, towards the eyelids. Ensure that you use a concealer that compliments your complexion. Lakmé Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer comes in eight shades suitable for Indian skin tones. So, you’re bound to find your perfect match. You can replicate these steps on the area above your eyebrows for more definition. 

concealer use prime eyelids woman brush

Prime your lids with face concealer 

If your eyeshadow isn’t popping like you want it to, just dab some concealer on to your lids. This doesn’t just amplify your eyeshadow colour, but also enhances the longevity of your makeup, and smoothens the lids for a seamless blend of colours. You can dab a bit of concealer on your lids, and set it with a nude/beige eyeshadow or setting powder. 

concealer use tinted moisturiser

Use concealer as a tinted moisturiser  

You can certainly use your concealer as a tinted moisturiser, if you’re looking for light-to-medium coverage. Just mix a liquid concealer like the Lakmé Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer with your usual moisturiser, and blend into your skin with your fingertips. Easy-peasy! 

concealer use to accentuate your lips 

How to use concealer to accentuate your lips 

Do you want to play up your lips just a little? Stipple the outer edges of your lips with a concealer to blur out your natural lip line, and blend it inwards with a concealer brush. Now, trace a lip liner a little over the contours of your lips, and blend it towards the centre of your lips. You can then apply lipstick as usual. Try using a shade that’s a little lighter than the liner as this plays into the illusion of fuller lips. Once you’re done, dab a little concealer towards the centre of your lips, and blend it outwards for an ombre effect. 

How to use concealer stick to contour your cheeks  

How do you recreate that coveted chiselled look effortlessly? All you need is concealer. Sweep some across the hollows of your cheeks, and blend it into your skin. Make sure to choose a shade that’s two shades darker than your skin tone. Set it with translucent powder. 

What is concealer in makeup: other benefits to apply concealer  

Concealer in makeup can do a lot of things, but only if you fully understand how to choose the right shade, and how to apply your concealer. 

concealer use to hide acne and blemishes 

How to use concealer and foundation to hide acne and blemishes 

Since concealer has a thicker consistency than foundation, it can work as a spot treatment to conceal acne and blemishes. All you need to do is apply a bit of concealer on to the spot or blemish you want to hide and dab it in using your finger or a damp makeup sponge. Follow it up with foundation and you’re good to go. 

How to cover up undereye circles with concealer 

To hide undereye circles with concealer, you better use its yellow or salmon shade. These pigments help to neutralise the dark and blue areas under your eyes. Once you applied colour corrector, then cover it up with the concealer, which is one shade lighter than your skin. Pounce that into your skin to get light and unnoticeable coverage. 

How to use green concealer to mask redness around the nose   

Most people have issues especially with the nose area when it comes to redness. Start with a primer to make your cover last longer. Apply a green/mint concealer or a colour corrector. After this, put a foundation on, and if you want to, apply contouring products, then fix them with finishing powder. Make all layers thin to avoid cakey effect. 

concealer use woman mirror

How to conceal acne scars 

Acne scars can sometimes be really difficult to completely conceal. But using a green colour concealer can help you cover those acne scars like a charm. Start by applying a green colour corrector on the acne scars to cancel out the redness. And follow this up with your usual concealer to hide the green colour and give your face a flawless, even finish. 

Before applying your concealer   

Concealer is a godsent beauty product, we all agree to this. But very few of us have really mastered the art of using it to its full potential. Did you know that to get a flawless face tone, first you need to prepare your skin for applying a concealer? 

Do: prep your skin  

Start by cleaning your skin with a cleanser and following it up with a moisturiser. Don’t forget to apply an under-eye cream to ensure your concealer goes on smoothly and does not settle into creases. 

concealer use woman foundation shades

How to apply concealer under the eyes  

Dark circles are a common problem that most women struggle with. Thanks to concealers, you can now hide those panda eyes and look fresh in minutes. But do you know how to apply concealer to hide dark circles? The steps below will help. 

Step 1: Apply hydrating eye cream using the tip of your ring finger, lightly massage until it is absorbed completely. 

Step 2: Take a tiny amount of primer and smooth it on your eyelid and below the eye area. 

Step 3: If you have severe dark circles, start by applying an orange colour corrector and blend it well. 

Step 4: Now apply small dots of concealer under the eyes, closer to your lashes and don’t forget the inner corner of the eyes. 

Step 5: Using a brush or the tip of your finger, gently dab the concealer and work it into your skin, do not rub it as this will ruin your look. 

concealer use around your mouth 

How to apply concealer around your mouth 

If the area around the mouth appears darker than the rest of the face, then you are not alone, it is a common concern and we know how frustrating it can be. But there’s nothing that a little concealer can’t fix. All you got to know is how to apply concealer around the mouth effectively. 

Step 1: Once you’ve applied foundation, use a slightly lighter shade of concealer and dab on the area around your lips. 

Step 2: Applying it close to your lips is also a good idea as this will make your lip colour pop. 

Step 3: If your lipstick fades sooner than you like or settles into the fine lines, apply a bit of concealer on your lips before applying lipstick to get smoother looking lips

concealer use around the brows 

How to apply concealer around the brows 

Did you know you can use concealers to get perfectly shaped brows? Yes, that’s true! If you haven’t discovered that little secret, follow the steps below to get your best brows yet! 

Step 1: Start by filling your brows using your favourite brow pencil or powder. Once you get the desired shape, move on to the next step. 

Step 2: Take a liquid concealer and a flat tip brush for applying concealer around your eyebrows. Apply the liquid concealer right below your brows in small dots or a smooth line. 

Step 3: Blend the concealer down, towards your eyelids. 

Step 4: You can also apply the concealer on top of your brows to define the arch and add definition to your look. 

concealer use to hide pimples 

How to apply concealer to hide pimples 

Acne and pimples can appear out of nowhere and most inconveniently, right before an important event. Even if you don’t get pimples very often, it is important to learn how to apply concealer to hide pimples as it’s a pretty useful trick to have up your sleeve. 

Step 1: Start by cleansing your face and the pimple-affected areas thoroughly before following it up with toning and moisturising. 

Step 2: Don’t forget to apply a primer, this gives the concealer a base to stick to. Without primer, the concealer might settle into the zit and make it look unappealing. 

Step 3: If you use your hands, sanitise them properly before dabbing concealer onto the zit. Apply a thin layer of foundation on top of it. Take a damp sponge and dab it till it looks even and powder the area to set the concealer in place. 

concealer use to hide dark spots 

How to apply concealer to hide dark spots 

Blemishes and dark spots are a common skin concern, after all, most acne and pimples leave a scar behind making your skin look uneven and discoloured. Concealers can help hide these spots, all it requires is just a few extra steps. 

Step 1: Makeup can easily settle into fine lines and scars, so first apply a primer over your skin. 

Step 2: Apply foundation, blend and check if any stubborn spots that are still prominent and need concealing. 

Step 3: Avoid using the same concealer that you use for the under-eye area as that would be too light for your skin tone. Pick one that is one shade lighter than the foundation. 

Step 4: Apply concealer to the problem areas using the applicator or a brush then blend it well. 

Step 5: Lock the makeup in place by applying setting powder all over. 

Avoid these common mistakes when applying concealer  

Here are the don’ts you should avoid getting the most flawless look ever. 

Not moisturizing properly  

Apply a hydrating cream before concealer. Before you start out, make sure your skin is ready for makeup. Do so by first using a lightweight moisturiser for your skin type and then apply a pea-sized amount of primer to cover your pores. Apply a little extra primer on areas where your pores look larger than usual.  

Failing to ‘warm-up’ the product  

Before you start applying concealer on your skin, you need to ensure that you’ve warmed up the product. Do so by dabbing a wee bit of concealer on the back of your hand. This will help ensure that the product doesn’t look too cakey on the skin and in fact, blends easily. 

Using the wrong texture for your skin type  

To choose a best type of concealer, pay attention to your skin type. Creamy and shiny concealers are the best for dry or ageing skin. But if your skin is oily, look for matt and long-lasting formulas. 

Using the wrong shade  

Usually, it is recommended to pick a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation. When it comes to colour correctors, orange or salmon tones help to neutralise dark or blue shades under eyes, green or mint concealers — to hide blemishes and red spots. 

Not setting your concealer with powder  

For your concealer to stay longer, you must finish off with setting powder. This will ensure that your concealer doesn’t shift or move even in the sweltering heat. 

Keeping your concealer past its expiration date  

It’s critical to stop using your concealer after its expiration date, otherwise the product loses its texture, and all good features. In creamy products, bacteria multiply very fast, so it’s dangerous to use them for too long. How to know the expiration date of your concealer, if it is not written on a tube? You can check it by batch-code, or pay attention to its texture and smell — if they changed, you must not use it anymore. 

Use of concealer in makeup: what’s the best way to blend concealer?  

Other than the above-mentioned areas, if you have blemishes or dark spots, dab and blend some concealer on those areas as well. However, before you move on to the next makeup product ensure everything is blended well. If you notice areas where the concealer hasn’t blended well, use a damp makeup sponge and gently dab to diffuse any lines. 


Stippling, which is actually a painting technique, is basically the process where an artist creates a scene with thousands of paint spots — a principle that can be applied to hiding imperfections on our skin. So, instead of swiping concealer onto a spot and rubbing it in — an action that can displace the rest of your makeup — use a makeup brush to stipple concealer on and around the area you’re trying to hide. This repeated motion will make sure the rest of your makeup stays put, and will allow the concealer to melt into your skin for a flawless appearance. 


If you prefer using your fingers to blend your makeup, then this technique is for you. What you need to do is apply a dab of concealer over the blemish you want to hide, and then with your ring finger (it’s the weakest finger), tap the product into your skin. You need to make sure you don’t rub the product all over, as this will swipe off any other makeup you’re wearing. The patting and pressing motion basically keeps the concealer where it’s supposed to be, and allows you to use way less product than you otherwise would. 

concealer use how to

FAQs on how to apply concealer 

What goes first, foundation or concealer?  

This is a never-ending debate and most makeup artists have their own way of using these two products. We believe it depends on each area of the face. While concealing dark circles, use concealer first and foundation later and on the other areas of the face do vice versa. 

How do I prep my skin for makeup? 

No matter what your skin type, if you want your makeup to look flawless, it is important to prep skin by cleansing, toning and moisturising it. Follow it up with a primer to prep your skin perfectly. 

How to make concealer at home? 

If you don’t have a concealer just now at hand, you can easily make it by your own only with two makeup products — a moisturizing cream, and a compact or loose powder. Scrape some powder that matches your skin tone with a brush, and mix it with a mouisturiser in equal quantities. You should get a product with creamy consistency.