Benefits Of Lipstick

Written by Kinnari AsharOct 10, 2022
Benefits of Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the most versatile and go-to makeup products that can instantly glam up your look, whether you're doing a quick fix or putting on an elaborate party makeup, lipstick is a must-have for your makeup bag. Lipsticks make you slay wherever you go, regardless of how you do your hair, eye makeup, or outfit! It's amazing how a lipstick can transform you from drab to diva when you apply the right shade correctly and the benefits of wearing lipstick you get.

When you wear lipstick, you are able to step out of your comfort zone and bring your outfit, and your personality to the forefront. If you're into makeup, lipstick is one thing you can't miss, as it gives your personality a touch of glamour, style, and grace. Despite what you may think of lipstick, there are some surprising advantages and some interesting hacks that come to them, don't you think? You'll always be glad you bought that tiny little bullet! Take a look at some of the bullet as well as liquid lipstick benefits below.


Lipstick Basics

3. Completes your look

The first lipstick was possibly invented and worn by Sumerian women and men approximately 5,000 years ago. These stones, which are called gemstones, were crushed and put on their faces, mostly around their eyes and lips. Cleopatra, for example, crushed bugs in order to create a red colour on her lips, as did many ancient Egyptians. Indus Valley Civilization women also applied red lipstick to their lips to decorate their faces between 3000 BC and 1500 BC.

Lipsticks create a lasting impact on your look and can be used to complete your makeup instantly. However, it's got a few advantages as well. Want to know more? Here are 5 great reasons to wear lipstick that you don't want to miss out on!

1. Provides Hydration

3. Completes your look

Even though some lipsticks contain ingredients that can absorb moisture from your lips, most of them do their utmost to make sure that your lips stay hydrated and they are created in such a manner that the natural state of your lips remains intact. There are many lipsticks available today that include moisturizing agents, such as vitamin E or aloe vera.

One such lipstick range is the Lakmé Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Color With Argan Oil which comes with a lightweight formula enriched with luxe argan oil. It helps to nourish your lips and keeps them from drying. Each shade has a soft velvety matte texture that comfortably sits on your lips and provides a bold, intense colour payoff.

2. Defines your lips

3. Completes your look

You can define your lips and draw attention to their true shape with lipstick. It can even enhance the shape. Using lipstick to conceal and overline the lips can also make them appear thicker or thinner.

The Lakmé Absolute Precision Lip Paint gives you perfectly defined lips every time you apply it. This lip paint lets you paint your lips like an expert. Its unique pack comes with an expert brush for superior definition and a lip pot with intense matte color. But what makes it so amazing is the ease with which you can get perfectly defined lips, every time.

Just dip the expert brush into the pot, define the border of your lips with ease, and fill it with a rich matte colour. Voila! You get perfectly defined and bold matte lips that are guaranteed to get heads turning. It also features a lightweight formula that lasts all day and gives you a smooth, velvety finish you will fall in love with.

3. Completes your look

When you apply lipstick to your lips, you also make them look fuller and adds the finishing touch to your look. Make a statement with your lips by either looking sophisticated in your next meeting or glamorous for your next date night!

4. Gives you confidence

3. Completes your look

Lipstick gives women a feeling of power and confidence. Put on some lipstick in a colour that you love and you'll feel way more confident. For all the lovely ladies and gentlemen out there, why not!? It's time to put your favourite lipstick shade to work, and say goodbye to your low self-esteem!

The Lakme 9to5 Primer + Matte Liquid Lip Color features a revolutionary formula with a built-in primer that smoothens your lips to give you a crease-less finish. The intense matte color glides on easily and stays effortlessly smooth and matte, no matter what!

The in-built primer will leave your lips unruffled and smooth since it is infused with Vitamin E and Argan oil. You will love how the luxurious lip color moisturizes and nourishes your lips, so they always feel soft, supple, and hydrated. And the best thing about it is that it is non-sticky, comfortable and doesn’t weigh down your lips. It has a one-stroke intense matte color payoff that lasts all day long so you can feel confident. Those are the benefits of matte lipstick which make them so popular amongst all.

5. Acts as sunscreen

You will find that many lipsticks come with sun protection in order to keep your lips protected against harmful UV rays. Your lips, since they do not contain melanin, are more susceptible to UV damage, but thankfully, lipsticks that contain SPF can help you avoid embarrassment.

There is no denying that lipsticks are important makeup products. You'll immediately feel better when you wear them to meetings, dinner parties, dates, and family events! It's great to put lipstick on and make yourself feel fashionable and confident.

FAQs about Benefits of Lipstick

How will lipstick affect our lips if we wear it every day?

Make sure you're careful if you wear lipstick daily and touch it up more than 10 times in one day. Lead accumulates in the system over time after some of these harmful metals get absorbed into the body. If small amounts are introduced for a long time, they can be problematic.

Does lipstick have any health benefits?

In a recent study by researchers at the University of California Berkeley's School of Public Health, researchers discovered that some of the chemicals in lipstick and lip gloss are potentially toxic to the human body, such as aluminium, cadmium, lead, chromium and several others. Check your labels before you buy any product.

Do lipsticks have any side effects?

Lipstick can cause allergies and rashes around the lips and on the surrounding skin. There are also harmful effects on the lips, such as dryness, chapping, and blocked pores. There are some harmful ingredients in lipstick that have been associated with cancer, as well as minute concentrations of heavy metals.

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