If you think brown lipsticks are very 90s and you better steer clear of this colour in your lipstick collection, then we are about to tell you something that will change your perception. A pretty brown lip colour is a makeup wonder that can be used to create a full makeup look.

From using the lipstick to add a pop of colour to your cheeks to lining your eyes, this one throwback (but totally trendy) product can be used in multiple ways. Read on for all the different ways in which you can use your favourite brown lippie to act as your makeup saviour on the days when you are too lazy to make use of your entire vanity.

how to apply makeup using one brown lipstick

We recommend using a shade like the Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color - MB1 Coffee Command. This is a beautiful brown with a slight pink undertone, perfect for our purpose today!

how to apply makeup using one brown lipstick

As a face contour

If you have run out of your contour kit, then a brown lipstick will work just as well. All you need to do this apply a little bit of a dark brown lip colour to the sides of your nose, under your cheekbones, on your forehead and jawline. Blend it all with either a brush or a makeup sponge for a seamless finish. 

how to apply makeup using one brown lipstick

As an eyeshadow

Next, you can use this same brown lipstick as an eyeshadow to bring out the colour of your eyes. As you would with your usual eyeshadow, simply swipe the colour all over your lid up till the crease and blend it in using either your finger or a blending brush. The slight sheen on this lipstick makes for a really gorgeous shade on your lids.

how to apply makeup using one brown lipstick

As an eyeliner

If a brown eyeshadow is a bit too much for you, then you can try wearing brown eyeliner. This shade makes your eyes pop without looking stark. Take a little bit of the product on a tapered eyeliner brush and line your upper lash line with the brown lipstick.

how to apply makeup using one brown lipstick

As a blush

We know it is not really common to wear a brown blush, but try this once, and we promise you, you’ll be hooked. Apply the tiniest amount of product on to the apples of your cheeks and pat it in using your ring finger for an instant flush of colour. This trick will give your face a really healthy, warm toned look that is perfect for people with medium to dusky skin tones.

how to apply makeup using one brown lipstick

On your lips

Now, this is obviously a no-brainer – use this lipstick on your lips! Simply swipe a couple of coats of this super flattering shade on to your lips and blot using a tissue. Done and done! Your makeup look is ready.

Image courtesy: Pinterest and Instagram