Lipsticks are the most favorite and also one of the bestselling cosmetic items in the world! Rightfully so because they have the power to transform your makeup look completely!

A good lipstick costs a bomb but the investment is totally worth it. Naturally, if you are investing your hard-earned money in buying what looks like the “perfect shade of lipstick”, you want it to be worth it.

There are some characteristics that every good lipstick has. It’s time for you to put your lipstick to the test and find out how many of these boxes it ticks.


1. Long lasting and transferability test

1. Long lasting and transferability test

To test if your lipstick will stay put even after you are down two burgers and a couple of beers, which is only fair, apply a fresh quote of your favorite lip shade and grab a tissue.
To test your lipstick for these characteristics, press your lips against the tissue thrice.
In case of a liquid matte lipstick, the pigment shouldn’t change at all.
In case of a crème or semi matte formula, the pigment should become one shade lighter at the worst.

2. Lead component test

Every lipstick has a certain amount of lead in order to add colour and for longevity.
However, some lead content in some lipsticks can be unsafe for your lips.
A simple test to gauge this is by swatching the lipstick on your hand and then rubbing a gold ring against the swatch. If the color turns to black, the lead component in your lipstick is dangerously high.


3. Melting point test

3. Melting point test

A good lipstick should not melt easily. If you stay in a warm country or if your lipstick is in your purse right next to your car seat exposed to the sun, it shouldn’t melt.
To test this, scrape a tiny layer of your lipstick ensuring it doesn’t get spoilt and put it in front of a heater.
Do this exercise on low heat and for 30 seconds.
If your lipstick doesn’t melt, it means it has a high melting point.

4. Glide on test

A lipstick must be moisturising texture, something that is reflected by the creaminess of the lipstick. The easiest way to see if your lip shade is creamy and hydrating enough is a swatch test on your hand. If it glides on easily, it is smooth and hydrating.

5. Wet wipe test

Nobody likes clingy. No, not even our lipsticks. As much as we want the lipstick to stay put for long, we want it to come off easily. If it doesn’t, it means the formulation consists of chemicals higher than the ideal proportion.
Take a wet wipe and try to wipe the lipstick with it. If all or most of it comes off in the first go, your lipstick is perfect.

So, what do you think? Is your lipstick worth it?