Face Massage Benefits Your Skin In More Ways Than One. Here’s How!

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Face massage benefits your skin in more ways than one. Here’s how!

Admit it! An hour of serious R&R session aka facial is your way to unwind after a hectic week. And, the best part in the whole hour is, of course, the relaxing face massage. It is a therapeutic beauty technique and is considered the best possible way to relax and sooth your skin and get a radiant and flawless complexion in the process. It is a secret to a healthy and glowing face, and all it needs is for you to book a face massage session at a salon, close your eyes and let the magic of healing hands begin. You can also include it in your daily skincare routine and use facial massaging tools like a roller or a crystal (that is trending, BTW), and work a relaxing massage yourself.

Facial massage instantly calms your mind, slips you into de-stress mode and help you achieve impeccable and enviable skin. Not just that, face massage benefits your skin in many other ways as well. Facial massage tones your skin, brightens the complexion and slows down your ageing clock. If you didn’t know that, you’re not alone. You’ve been oblivious to the many benefits of facial massage for too long now and it is time you know how it does wonders for your skin. Read on to know all the surprising benefits of face massage and why you need to treat your skin with a stress-busting face massage RN...


1. Tones and uplifts face massage

Relieves pain and soothes skin

Saggy skin is a tell-tale sign of ageing and any women would move heaven and earth to keep her skin young and beautiful. Well, you don’t have to move any mountains, but you can practice facial massage on a regular basis or book a facial appointment to get the desired results. The most noticeable outcome of a good face massage is the toned face. Face massages are considered as the natural facelift and a way to get naturally younger-looking and toned skin by just indulging in an hour of massaging sesh. The massage is done in soft upward movements which help uplifting the saggy and droopy skin and tightens the skin and makes it look firmer and healthier. A natural alternative to cheek fillers and Botox, face massages help you get flawlessly toned cheekbones and a defined jawline without spending big bucks. 


2. Reduces ageing signs

Relieves pain and soothes skin

Facial massage doesn’t just help tone your face but is an excellent anti-ageing solution too. Stress, pollution and more can speed up your ageing clock and you can spot these ageing signs earlier than you should, but you can reset your ageing clock by pampering your skin the right way, by getting a facial massage, that is. Regular face massage helps make premature ageing signs like wrinkles, fine lines, smile lines, dark spots and pigmentation disappear. It works by improving blood circulation further leading to increase in collagen production and cell regeneration which means healthy skin in and out. There are facial massage exercises to target ageing signs and maintain elasticity of skin that you can try for younger looking, spotless skin.  


3. Brightens complexion

Relieves pain and soothes skin

As we just mentioned, face massage gets your blood flowing and the result is younger-looking, healthy skin. Well, the improved blood circulation also helps you get even toned and brighter skin. Good blood circulation leads of a good flow of oxygen which improves the complexion of your skin and lends a healthy glow. It stimulates rejuvenation and cellular activity and improves the health of skin tissues which turns your dull and dreary skin into a glowing one. Many celebrities trust a facial massage to get the skin that we all envy. Massage your face and neck in an outward and upward direction and circular motion for 10 minutes every day and you will have radiant and bright skin as ever.


4. Detoxifies skin

Relieves pain and soothes skin

To do away with the dirt of the week, a facial with a face massage is the best bet for your dull and tired face. An hour of face massage can detoxify your skin like is often done with a moisturizer or a serum for extra benefits. This helps you clearing up dirt, oil, blackheads and whiteheads from your skin and getting a squeaky clean skin. It also gets rid of the product build up that settles deep into your pores and unclogs them, contributing to blackheads and whiteheads. The gentle rubbing of skin with the fingertips helps clear the deep settled grime and impurities off of face, leaving it clean and healthy. Also, if you have acne prone skin, a facial massage (with soft motion) can prove to be a boon for you. As it successfully detoxifies your skin, it can keep pimples popping every other day at bay and help you get an acne-free skin in no time.


5. Gives you smooth and soft skin

Relieves pain and soothes skin

Even skin tone and glow are not enough when you have rough skin. The one thing we expect from any facial beauty treatment is that it turns our rough skin into smooth and supple one. Well, the good news is that face massage benefits your skin doing exactly that. It moisturizes and nourishes your dehydrated and dry skin eliminates toxins and leaves your skin visibly plump with a youthful glow. Face massages have proven to improve the suppleness of your skin and prevent it from sagging and dropping in the long run. It acts as a magic spell to resurface your blah skin and make it smooth as silk in just a few weeks. It also improves the absorption abilities of your skin while making it smoother which both result in flawless finish of your makeup and deeper and better penetration of your skincare products.              


6. Banishes under eye woes

Relieves pain and soothes skin

Got puffy eyes, or dark circles? Face massage can be your solution to get rid of these pesky under eye skin issues. These are unsightly and downright annoying. You don’t have to live with dark baggy patches under your eyes all your life. Rely on a face massage or more specifically under eye massage to eliminate the under eye skin woes. Often caused due to stress, lack of sleep and poor diet, dark circles and other under eye issues are a result of water retention in this area. What face massage does is it releases the excess water build up under the eyes and thus removes puffiness and eye bags. The improved stimulation of blood flow also contributes to reducing the appearance of dark circles and an overall flawless and healthy complexion.


7. Relieves pain and soothes skin

Relieves pain and soothes skin

It is settled by now that the benefits of face massage go way beyond stress reduction and glowing skin. It has umpteen health benefits too like reliving facial pain and soothing and healing skin. Yes, stress can cause anxiety, headaches and your facial muscles can become tensed. A relaxing hour of facial massage helps release muscle tensions, heal sore muscles and even curb severe headaches. This happens because of the gentle kneading of the facial joints helps relax muscles and reduce pain. Reduced tissue stiffness and relief from skin inflation and pain are some other hypothesised benefits of a facial massage. All in all, it leaves your skin healthy and your face looking and feeling fresh. And, who doesn’t want that, really?

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