Tips On How To Choose Best Face Serums For Oily Skin

Written by Lopa KFeb 23, 2023
Tips on How to Choose Best Face Serums for Oily Skin

Ah! Are you on your umpteenth article of the day searching for the best skincare products for those with oily skin type? Well well, we have got some exciting news for you – your search ends here. Because we have made you a list from where you can get the best face serum for oily skin that will make your face thank you and make you say bye to your blotting papers and powdering in between the day sessions. 

Best Face Serums for Oily Skin: The Basics  

Face serums have gained quite a lot of popularity in the skincare world. But while everyone and their neighbours are obsessing over these elixirs, girls with oily skin are still wondering if they should give these beauty heroes a try. Well, we have good news. You can most definitely use face serums; you just need to pick the right one and follow certain tips and tricks while applying it. Here’s everything you need to know about how to pick the best serum for oily skin and how to use it. 


Tips on How to Choose Best Face Serums for Oily Skin

8. Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Serum

1. Look at the ingredient list 

Pick something that is lightweight and non-comedogenic if you want the best serum for oily skin. You don’t want something sticky, drying or clogging your pores. While picking a face serum, see that it is easily absorbed and pay attention to the ingredients to get what suits your skin and targets your skin woes. Usually, any face serum with vitamin C, antioxidants, niacinamide or salicylic acid is your best bet. 

2. Only a few drops 

A couple of drops are all you need for your skin. These serums contain a high value of nutrients and minerals, so a small amount would be more than enough. Alternatively, you can also mix it with your moisturiser and apply it.  

3. How to apply 

Make sure you cleanse and exfoliate your face before applying face serum. You need to get all the impurities and excess oil on your face off before treating it with the serum effectively. Then apply the serum on your dry face and dab it gently with your fingertips to let it absorb.  

4. How often to apply 

Except for some super hardcore active ingredients, most serums can be used twice a day, every day. Whether it is niacinamide or hyaluronic acid serum, you can use it in the morning and then in the evening. But do follow the instructions on the serum package as some salicylic, retinol and vitamin C serums should only be used at night before bed. 

5. Let it absorb 

Usually, a serum can take anywhere between four to five minutes to be fully absorbed in your skin and leave you with a matte finish. No greasy residue should be left behind. This is your marker that the serum has done its job and you can go ahead with the rest of your skincare routine like moisturiser or face oil. 

8 Best Face Serums for Oily Skin


1. Simple Booster Serum - 10% Niacinamide

8. Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Serum

Enriched with vitamin B5 and niacinamide, the Simple Booster Serum - 10% Niacinamide is the best serum for oily skin especially if you like something that is mild and tends well to sensitive or acne-prone skin. This serum not only helps control excess sebum production because of the niacinamide present in it but also provides multifaceted benefits such as minimizing pores, preventing premature ageing, promoting even skin tone and protecting the skin’s barrier.


2. Pond’s Bright Beauty Spot-less Glow Serum

8. Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Serum

Two of the most essential things to look for when researching products for oily skin are that they should be non-greasy and non-sticky. Well, the Pond’s Bright Beauty Spot-less Glow Serum is just that and is sure to become an instant classic in your vanity. Enriched with vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid and gluta boost C, this serum leaves minimal to no oily residue due to the presence of hyaluronic acid making it fast absorbing and light on the skin. Further, this serum encourages even skin tone and brightens your face making it glow from within!


3. Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Serum

8. Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Serum

Infused with 98% pure niacinamide and tri-vitamin complex, the Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Serum, brings a glow and evens blemished skin while helping your skin look healthy. It also helps moisturise your face without making it oily. Yep, that is exactly why this serum caught our eye. It’s lightweight and easily absorbable, making it an ideal and smart choice no matter what kind of oily skin you have. Add it to your daily skincare routine be it AM or PM and see the changes your skin is sure to love you for.


6. Simple Vitamin C+E+F Booster Face Serum

8. Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Serum

Are you still worried about the chemicals in serums or constant breakouts that may be in response to active ingredients? Well, how about a vegan and plant-based serum like the Simple Vitamin C+E+F Booster Face Serum. Whatever harsh chemical you’re afraid of, this serum doesn’t have it, whether it is artificial perfume, colour, alcohol or parabens. Instead, it is supercharged with vitamins C, E and F to strengthen your skin, even your complexion and keep it plump all while leaving you with a non-sticky finish.


5. Pond’s Gold Beauty Serum

8. Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Serum

Sure, everyone talks about the miracles of Morocco’s liquid gold aka argan oil and all of its magical properties. And now we oily-skin girls can also benefit from it with the help of the non-greasy Pond’s Gold Beauty Serum. This weightless serum gives you a golden glow with literal 24K pure gold along with argan oil. It also gives clear skin and instant hydration as it is infused with vitamin E and French rose extracts for that natural floral scent.


4. Lakmé 9 to 5 Vitamin C+ Facial Serum

8. Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Serum

Add a healthy glow to your dull skin with the Lakmé 9 to 5 Vitamin C+ Facial Serum. This plant-based serum gets its vitamin C from real kakadu plums which are its richest source. However, it is super light and works deep within the layers to improve rough and scarred skin by moisturising it. Since it is rich in antioxidants, it also replenishes the skin and keeps it smooth and nourished.


7. Simple 10% Hemp seed oil + Vitamin B3 Booster Face Serum

8. Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Serum

Another wonder serum that your oily skin may thank you for is the Simple 10% Hemp seed oil + Vitamin B3 Booster Face Serum. It is enriched with hemp oil and vitamin B3 which when combined boosts your skin’s immunity and wards off rashes, infections and breakouts which are a constant pain for oily and acne-prone skin. It is also the perfect anti-ageing serum since it protects your skin cells from gradually losing collagen which is needed to keep the skin plump and firm. If that wasn’t enough, it is also loaded with pro-ceramides that repair damaged skin.


8. Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Serum

8. Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Serum

Retinol is a one-stop wonder for most of your skin woes from anti-ageing to acne-fighting benefits. Well, get 89% of pure pro-retinol C complex from the Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Serum. Along with the tightening of sagging skin, it strengthens the skin barrier. It also brightens dark spots and gives your skin a youthful result with the help of collagen boosters and vitamin A. 

FAQs about Tips on How to Choose Best Face Serums for Oily Skin   

Q1. Is it necessary to apply moisturiser after serum for oily skin?  

You should definitely apply moisturiser after a serum even if you have oily skin. It not only moisturises your face, but it also keeps your skin hydrated. 

Q2. Can serum cause pimples? 

Let’s be honest, if you use the wrong product and happen to have sensitive skin, you may experience breakouts. To avoid getting acne, turn to gentle serums that are suitable for your skin type. You can also use anti-acne serums to make sure you don’t get one in the first place. 

Q3. Can serum damage your face? 

Serums use active ingredients either derived from plants or synthesized. While they can do wonders for your skin problems, if your skin is especially sensitive, they can cause irritation or an allergic reaction.  

So, now if you have been avoiding fancy products just because you have oily skin, do it no more. If you want to treat acne or bring some glow to your dull skin, just pick the best serum for oily skin from our list above.

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