Everything You Need To Know About Balancing Your Skin’s Ph Levels

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Everything you need to know about balancing your skin’s pH levels

If you paid attention in your chemistry classes, you’d know what pH is. It is basically a measure of acidity or alkalinity of any substance. In beauty terms, it is the secret to healthy and flawless skin.

Your skin’s pH needs to be balanced (aka around 5.5 on the scale) for it to feel and look healthy. But external factors aren’t too easy on your skin and mess up the pH levels, making it prone to skin woes. So, how exactly should you maintain the perfect pH balance and what if you don’t? We have all the answers to your questions.

Keep reading to know what causes pH imbalance, how it affects your skin’s health and what you can do to balance the pH level and maintain healthy skin.


What causes pH imbalance?

How you can one restore the pH level?

Environmental aggressors, poor diet, ingredients in your skincare products and even tap water can throw your skin’s pH level out of balance. Also, your hormones play a very important role in disrupting your skin’s pH level. So, you need to be extra careful during periods, pregnancy, basically any time your hormone levels tend to fluctuate.


Why the pH balance of your skin is important

How you can one restore the pH level?

When your skin’s pH level is thrown out of balance, its ability to fight infection, stressors and stress goes into the pit. Your skin becomes vulnerable and is more prone to irritation, acne and other skin woes. Extreme dryness or oiliness is also a result of unbalanced pH level. That’s why it is important to maintain the pH level of your skin so that it is spotless and healthy. Simply put, the more balanced the pH level of your skin is, the healthier it is.


How you can one restore the pH level?

How you can one restore the pH level?

To make sure your skin’s pH level is balanced, there are a few lifestyle changes you can adopt. Ditch the toxic and chemical-ridden skincare products, eat antioxidant-rich foods and swear by a sunscreen. Also, use a toner every time you cleanse your face to restore the pH level of your skin.

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