Bb Trend Alert: What Is Frotox?

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 25, 2016
There was a time when Botox was the new wave that hit the skin care world but ever since, there have been several new inventions that have been the talking point amongst beauty moghuls. The latest one to steal the limelight seems to be Frotox—a facial that’s being touted as the latest alternative to Botox and other anti-ageing treatments. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Here’s everything you need to know...

What is it?

How does it benefit your skin?

Frotox, also known as the Cryocure Facial, is a 20 minute process where a controlled beam of vaporised liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the skin on the face, scalp as well as the neck area to fight signs of ageing.


How is it done?

How does it benefit your skin?

The process starts off like the good ol’ facial. First up is the cleansing routine, which involves getting rid of all the dirt and grime that’s settled onto your skin and of course, to open up your pores. Once your skin is cleansed, an exfoliator is used to do away with dead skin buildup. The next step is when the CryoWand comes into play—this is when liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the face to cool the skin down. You’d be surprised but research suggests that the process is rather cooling on the skin instead of being painful.


How does it benefit your skin?

How does it benefit your skin?

The process of spraying liquid nitrogen on your face causes vasoconstriction, which means it tightens the vessels and also stimulates collagen production. Basically, your skin tightens up to maintain the body heat. The result? Reduced puffiness, tighter skin and reduction in fine lines. If reports are anything to go by, the results may not be immediate but ideally, one requires about 3-4 sessions for Frotox to show its results.

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