All The Different Ways Using A Jade Roller Benefits Your Skin

Reviewed by Dr. Niketa Sonavane

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Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
All the different ways using a jade roller benefits your skin

Facial tools are having a huge moment right now. From celebrities, skincare experts to social media influencers, everyone is talking about the umpteen benefits of including a facial tool, such as a jade roller into your makeup routine.

From reducing puffiness to improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles, jade rollers are the latest superheroes in the skincare world. But their amazing benefits do not end there. Want to find out how exactly jade rollers benefit your skin and if they are really worth the investment? We hear ya! We contacted celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Niketa Sonavane from Ambrosia Aesthetics to help discuss the many jade roller benefits in detail.

In this article, we talk about what exactly jade rollers are, how to use them, the benefits of using a jade roller and whether or not jade rollers make any difference to your facial skin. Excited? Let’s dig in!


1. What exactly is a jade roller?

Frequently asked questions about jade rollers

If you are new to the world of face tools, then there is a possibility that you may be unaware of what a jade roller is. Well, to put it quite simply, jade rollers are special facial massage tools made of jade stones. They are naturally cooling to the touch, and this is why they are loaded with so many skincare benefits.

Dr. Sonavane says, “A jade roller has two rolling cylinders connected by a stem. The smaller rolling end is for hard-to-reach areas such as under eyes while the larger end is for the rest of your face, neck and décolleté. This beauty tool is used to massage your face in order to improve blood circulation, reduce puffiness and enhance the absorption of skincare products.”


2. Beauty benefits of jade roller

Frequently asked questions about jade rollers


- Reduces puffiness

Frequently asked questions about jade rollers

Dr. Sonavane says,Jade rollers are really beneficial when it comes to lymphatic drainage, and thereby reducing water retention and puffiness.” This is a natural and quick way to reduce puffiness and tone your skin. This in turn helps to detoxify your skin, improve circulation in the targeted area and give your face a nice, healthy and lifted appearance. Massaging your face with a jade roller benefits your skin by giving it that luminous glow you’ve always wanted. But, says the doctor, “In order for the jade roller to work its magic, you have to use it consistently. Place the roller towards the centre of your face and roll in the outward direction. Apply moderate pressure, neither too light nor too deep.” We hope you are taking notes, girls!


- Soothes skin

Frequently asked questions about jade rollers

Jade rollers have naturally cooling properties and a really smooth, even surface that makes it glide on your skin and feels extremely pleasant. Our bare fingers have the potential to tug and pull at the skin, which could lead to loss of elasticity and premature development of signs of ageing. This reduces skin irritation and the cooling properties of the jade roller soothe and calm your skin. Use the smaller end of the jade roller in areas like your under eyes and around the mouth, as the skin there is thinner, to delay and reduce early signs of ageing like smile lines, crow’s feet and fine lines.


- Tones skin

Frequently asked questions about jade rollers

The facial expressions we use and how often we use them determines how old or young you look. Our face consists of 46 different muscles that come into play when we use facial expressions. When you frown, squint or furrow your brows, you are activating the tense muscles, which leads to deep lines and wrinkles over time due to repeated stretching and relaxing. This ends up making you appear older than you are. Apart from smiling more, you could use a jade roller to massage your forehead, jawline and other parts of your face to relax your facial muscles and relieve strain thereby toning your skin to look younger.


- Makes your skin glow

Frequently asked questions about jade rollers

Since a jade roller is an excellent face massage tool, it also helps to improve blood circulation in the area. And the topmost benefit of improved blood circulation to your face is glowing skin. This is because better blood circulation ensures more flow of oxygen, vitamins and nutrients giving you bright, clear and luminous skin.


- Improves product absorption

Frequently asked questions about jade rollers

In order for your skin products to work and show visible effects, it is important that they seep deep into your skin. And in order to aid better absorption, massaging your skin is advised. But massaging your skin with your fingers could lead to unnecessary pulling tugging, leading to skin damage. Try gently massaging your skin immediately after applying your serum, cream or emollient with a jade roller to help them soak into your skin a lot deeper.


3. Some ways to use jade rollers

Frequently asked questions about jade rollers

1) Serum –

Start by applying your serum directly onto your face and then gently massage it into your skin using a jade roller. This will not only activate the ingredients, enhance absorption but will also soothe and calm your skin.

2) Sheet masks –

To make your sheet masks more effective right before an important event, simply place your sheet mask over your face and go over it with a jade roller. This will push the serum or essence right into your skin and reveal plumper, fresher more hydrated skin in just 15 minutes!

3) Eye cream –

Constantly looking at one electronic screen or another causes a lot of eye strain, leading to puffy eyes and dark circles. Soothe the area by applying some cooling eye cream and then massaging it in with a jade roller. This helps to depuff your eyes and makes you appear more awake.

4) Lip balm –

If you have thin, dry and parched lips, plump them up immediately by applying a lip balm and massaging your lips using a jade roller. Do this for a couple of minutes for instant but temporary results.

5) Bare skin –

If you woke up to a puffy looking face due to lack of sleep or a night of partying, then chill the jade roller in the refrigerator overnight and simply glide the cool jade roller all over your face and neck in the morning to see a marked reduction in the puffiness.


4. Frequently asked questions about jade rollers

Frequently asked questions about jade rollers

Q. How and where exactly should these jade rollers be used?

A. Dr. Sonavane says, “You can use your jade roller on clean, dry skin without any product application and it would work just fine. But while you're at it, you can also enhance the benefits by applying your favorite serum or moisturiser followed by jade rolling. This way you not only boost circulation but also enhance product absorption.”

Q. Should jade rollers be kept in the fridge?

A. “Jade stones are naturally cool to the touch. But if you live in a warm place like Mumbai, you may like to store your roller in the refrigerator for added coolness and a soothing sensation”, explains Dr. Sonavane.

Q. Is there a particular product that one must use after using a jade roller?

A. According to Dr. Sonavane, in order to reap the full and immediate benefits of a jade roller, it is always better to use it with a product. “Always prefer to use nourishing and non-irritant products with your jade roller. Ingredients like retinol and AHAs are best avoided, as increased absorption will increase your risk of skin irritation. Hyaluronic acid and niacinamide are the safest ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin”, concludes Dr. Sonavane.

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