Simple Ways To Remove Upper Lip Hair That Will Save You A Trip To The Salon

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Simple ways to remove upper lip hair that will save you a trip to the salon

As Indian women, getting rid of body hair is almost second nature to us. We spend hours every other week waxing, threading or plucking hair out, so that our bodies look smooth and slick. But do you know what's the worst body part to get hair out from? The upper lip. Upper lip hair looks extremely unflattering, and the worst part is that no matter what you do, they end up reappearing in less than a week’s time. *aarrrghhh*

If this sounds familiar, then we feel you. Dealing with upper lip hair can be quite an issue. It can dip your confidence levels and make you feel super conscious at all times. Imagine getting ready for a date or any other important event, only to realise at the very last minute that your upper lip area isn’t clean and you have a few hair peeping through? Since you obviously don’t have the time to go to a parlour, what’s a girl to do now? Well, lucky for you, we have the perfect solution to this problem. As annoying as upper lip hair can be (I mean they end up appearing every two days, don’t they?), they’re not impossible to get rid of. Here are some simple upper lip hair removal methods that can help get the job done quite easily, and are the perfect solutions to save you from unforeseen emergencies. How cool is that?


1. Hair removal creams

Frequently asked questions about upper lip hair removal

This is one of the best upper lip hair removal method​ that we know of. And the best part of using a hair removal cream to get rid of upper lip hair is that it is quick and absolutely painless. All you need to do is apply the cream to the desired area, leave it on for the time suggested (which is usually between 3-10 minutes), and then remove it using a spatula. While you leave the cream on your upper lip, the chemicals in the cream dissolve the surface hair, and this is what helps you get rid of upper lip hair in no time. Now there is one problem with this hair removal method – your hair grows back quickly, usually within a period of 1-3 days. We recommend you to use this method sparingly because of the chemicals in the product, but it sure does come in handy during an emergency.


2. Waxing

Frequently asked questions about upper lip hair removal

Another great upper lip hair removal technique that shows a slightly more permanent result when compared to hair removal creams is waxing. While it is best to get waxing done by a professional, you can also do it yourself at home in case of an emergency. All you need to do is heat a little bit of wax (we suggest you use the organic options available out there as they are a lot more gentle on the skin), apply it on one side of your upper lip. Place a clean wax strip on it and pull in the direction opposite to your hair growth. Repeat on the other side, and ta-da! Your upper lip area will feel clean and hairless. The best part about this upper lip hair removal technique is that the hair will take about 3-4 weeks to grow back. The only drawback about this method is the pain, as the upper lip area is sensitive, hence it can be quite painful, especially if you’re not used to waxing regularly.


3. Threading

Frequently asked questions about upper lip hair removal

Threading is the most common upper lip hair removal method we see. Although this method can be painful, it definitely hurts a lot less than waxing. This hair removal method involves using doubled and twisted cotton threads, which are rolled over the target area to trap and yank out hair from the follicles. You can feel some discomfort and redness while the hair is being pulled out from the follicle. The best part about this method is how clean and hygienic it is. Since this method only uses a cotton thread, which is thrown immediately after use, the scope of bacteria spreading from one person to another is quite low. Additionally, when hair is removed using this method, the area stays clear for at least 2-3 weeks.


4. Tweezing

Frequently asked questions about upper lip hair removal

This is perhaps the easiest upper lip hair removal method that is also completely safe to be performed at home. If the hair on your upper lip is not ingrown, and is long enough to be gripped using your tweezers, then go ahead and simply pluck it out. This method is not just time saving, but is also very convenient. This is because it saves you a trip to the salon to get threading done, but gives you similar threading-like results in the comfort of your home. Although you may experience slight discomfort while plucking out hair from the upper lip area, it is not much and will pass after a few seconds. But a word of caution here: this method needs to be done very carefully and slowly, as a slight misstep or unsteadiness could lead to cuts on your skin.


5. Laser hair removal

Frequently asked questions about upper lip hair removal

If you are looking for ways to permanently get rid of upper lip hair, then laser hair removal is the best option for you. This method employs the use of laser beams to burn the follicles in your upper lip area and slow down or even completely stop hair growth. The best thing about this upper lip hair removal method is that it spares you from the constant need to thread, pluck, wax or shave the area. Although this hair removal method is not exactly painful, depending on the thickness of your hair, you could experience a slight stinging each time a follicle is zapped. This method needs multiple sessions, and the number depends on your hair growth, so it is best to consult with a practised technician while getting this done.


Frequently asked questions about upper lip hair removal

Frequently asked questions about upper lip hair removal

Q. Is it okay for a girl to shave her upper lip?

A. This is a question that a lot of girls have, because we have been told since ages that shaving leads to darker, thicker and denser hair growth. But fortunately for you, this is just a myth. You can totally shave your upper lips. It will neither make your hair grow denser or darker, nor will it fasten hair growth. Additionally, shaving your face once in a while will also help exfoliate your upper lip area thoroughly.

Q. How often should one wax their upper lip hair?

A. This totally depends on your hair growth, but most people go once every 3-4 weeks to get their upper lips waxed. But if you have thicker hair growth, you may have to do this a little more often. It is best to use hot wax on your upper lip because it helps swell the follicles, making it easier to yank the hair out.

Q. Does waxing the upper lip cause more hair growth?

A. No, this is just a myth. Your upper lip hair growth cycle does not get affected because of waxing or any sort of hair removal method, for that matter. As discussed earlier, waxing will prevent hair from growing back for about 4-6 weeks, and is therefore a good option for hair removal.

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