Custard apple is a commonly eaten fruit in India. It has a naturally sweet taste and is also commonly used as an ingredient in basundis, and fruit salads as a natural sweetener. But did you know that apart from being a natural sweetener, this amazing fruit also comes with incredible skin, hair and health benefits?

Yup, you read that right. Custard apple benefits may be lesser known, but they are definitely worth mentioning. From protecting, repairing and strengthening your skin and hair, to aiding in digestion and reducing blood pressure, it is time we start acknowledging this fruit for what it does for us.

Read on for a number of ways in which eating custard apple benefits your skin, and why you need to start including one in your diet when it is in season.


Helps in weight gain

Helps in weight gain - Custard apple benefit for health

For people who are underweight and are looking to increase their weight, custard apples are here to your rescue. One of the biggest benefits of custard apples is that it delivers your body with good calories that are necessary to increase weight in a healthy manner.


Reduces pimples

Reduces pimples - Custard apple benefit for skin

Oily, acne-prone skin is one of the biggest woes that a lot of women face. But did you know the custard apple could provide some much-needed respite from this situation? One of the many ways in which custard apple benefits your skin is reducing pimples by treating the root cause and preventing them from appearing once again. Chock-full of necessary vitamins, custard apples help by reducing the pus in existing pimples and heal them over time. All you need to do is mash the pulp after removing the seeds and apply it to the affected area. This will help regulate sebum production to prevent the problem from coming back.


Prevents premature ageing

Prevents premature ageing - Custard apple benefit for skin

Another amazing benefits of custard apple is that it prevents premature ageing and keeps your skin looking youthful and radiant. Custard apple is a huge source of vitamin C that helps to keep your skin glowing. Additionally, the collagen present in this fruit helps to reverse the signs of ageing and keeps your skin looking plump and youthful for years to come. Simply consume this fruit three to four times a week when it's in the season to see amazing results.


Prevents premature greying

Prevents premature greying - Custard apple benefit for hair

Just like eating custard apples is a great way to keep premature ageing of skin at bay, it also helps to deal with premature greying of the hair in both men and women. One of the main reasons for premature greying is a shortage of copper in the body. Custard apple is a great natural source of copper and gives hair the dark melanin colour that it lacks. Therefore, if you are dealing with too many greys, consume custard apples to stop your hair from losing colour further.


Keeps scalp healthy

Keeps scalp healthy - Custard apple benefit for hair

Apart from benefiting your skin, custard apples also help keep skin infections at bay because they are full of vitamin C. Additionally, a rich source of antioxidants, it helps inhibit any sort of infection in the scalp and keeps it healthy and nourished. Since it also helps in regulating sebum production, custard apples help the scalp breathe and eliminate dead skin cells to restrict the growth of bacteria. This is also a great way to promote new hair growth.


Heals skin infections

Heals skin infections - Custard apple benefit for skin

If you are suffering from any sort of skin infection, then custard apples can help heal the infection in no time. The abundance of vitamins and skin-loving properties help nurture skin and hasten the healing process. Vitamin C works on the skin and gives it the required sustenance to rid itself of infections. So having fruits that are rich in vitamin C is a really good idea for people with skin infections.


Frequently asked questions about custard apple benefits:

Frequently asked questions about custard apple benefits

1) Can a diabetic patient eat custard apples?

A. A person having diabetes can surely eat custard apples in limited amounts. Since it is a natural form of sugar, it doesn’t harm the body or causes the sugar levels to fluctuate if eaten in small, controlled proportions.

2) Can custard apples be used in face masks?

A. Definitely. The health benefits of custard apples work really well to heal, soothe and protect the skin. Simply mash a custard apple and add a little bit of honey to it and apply it all over your face and neck area to tighten skin and keep it looking youthful.