Did You Know About These Dry Grapes' Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health?

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Did you know about these dry grapes' benefits for skin, hair and health?

Dry grapes, also known as raisins, are already a dietary staple in many worldwide cuisines. They are heavily used in Indian desserts like halwa and payasam, baked goods like cookies and bread, and are also a popular healthy snack on their own. The reason why dry grapes are so popular is because of their ease of preparation and consumption. They are basically fat-free and are rich in many essential nutrients needed to maintain good skin, healthy hair and a fit body.


1. Benefits of dry grapes

FAQs: Dry grapes benefits

Did you know dry grapes are actually a great way to deliver these essential nutrients to your body?


Dry grapes are rich in insoluble fibre which helps keep the gut healthy, relieves constipation and expels toxins from your system for a clean body.


The protein content in dry grapes can make them one of the better alternatives for vegetarians who cannot get the same from meat, fish or eggs.


The antioxidant, germicidal and antibiotic properties present in dry grapes make them an excellent cure for bacterial infections in your body.


This vitamin B variant present in dry grapes breaks down food in your body and aids better absorption of nutrients. This is important in maintaining overall skin, hair and health.


Copper is an essential mineral for beauty as it is responsible for melanin production, the compound which maintains your hair colour and your skin’s natural, protective UV barrier.


Potassium is a key nutrient to keep inflammation in your body at bay. Inflammation is the root cause for many skin concerns, so supplementing your diet with potassium will protect you from many skin issues.


Iron is one of the compounds necessary for generating new blood cells. It is important to have sufficient levels of iron in your body in order to avoid issues like low energy or a weak immune system.


Phosphorus is responsible for growing, maintaining and repairing damaged tissues and cells in the body. This helps in better wound healing and maintains the skin’s natural protection barrier.


Manganese has been known to help maintain blood sugar levels in the body, which in turn leads to lower instances of fatigue and slow metabolism.


2. Dry grapes benefits for skin

FAQs: Dry grapes benefits

Dry grapes are a rich source of vitamin A, a compound that is known to offer multiple anti-aging benefits. Another compound known for its age-defying benefits is resveratrol, a strong antioxidant that fights free radical damage in your body and slows down the aging process. High levels of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron found in dry grapes can boost blood circulation in your body which in turn can make your skin glow from within.


3. Dry grapes benefits for hair

FAQs: Dry grapes benefits

Dry grapes are extremely beneficial for your hair as well. They help improve blood circulation in your scalp that boost hair growth, reduce hair loss and keep your tresses hydrated from the roots. They are also rich in vitamin C, which improves iron absorption in your system. Iron is one of the key compounds to maintain a healthy mane; it helps carry fresh blood to your scalp and protects against anemia - one of the major causes of hair loss.


4. Dry grapes benefits for health

FAQs: Dry grapes benefits

As mentioned earlier, the nutrients present in dry grapes are highly beneficial for your body. In addition to that, supplementing your diet with raisins can help with healthy weight gain, control diabetes, maintain optimum temperature in your body, and improve bone health. Dry grapes have also been associated with improving bone density and lowering hypertension levels in your body.


5. How to prepare dry grapes at home

FAQs: Dry grapes benefits

If you do not want store-bought raisins, there are two ways to prepare dry grapes at home:

1) Dry them under the sun:

Wash the grapes properly and dry them off completely with a paper towel. Lay them down on a tray, leaving gaps between each. Cover them up with a kitchen towel and leave in the sun for about three days, depending on how much you need them to shrivel up. Once done, bring them in and store them in an airtight container.

2) Bake in an oven:

Bake green or black grapes in the oven for four hours until they are shriveled up. Keep checking in-between, as the raisins should be mostly dry but still slightly plump. If you notice them shriveling up more than needed, you can remove them. Cool them down on a flat tray and store in an airtight container.


6. How to properly consume dry grapes

FAQs: Dry grapes benefits

There are a number of ways in which raisins can be added to your diet. While they are already included in protein bars and considered a healthy snack on their own, the best time to consume them is early in the morning. Soak dry grapes in water overnight and eat them on an empty stomach in the morning.

Make sure you are not overdosing on raisins in your diet. The recommended quantity per day for dry rapes is 40 grams and anything more than that, you run the risk of increased sugar and potassium levels in your body; which will lead to other complications.


7. FAQs: Dry grapes benefits

FAQs: Dry grapes benefits

1) Is it safe to make dry grapes at home?

A. Yes, it is fully safe to prepare dry grapes at home. The trick lies in storing them properly once prepared. Keep raisins in an airtight container to avoid moisture getting to them. You can also store them in the refrigerator for up to six months.

2) Do dry grapes make you gain weight?

A. Despite their somewhat juicy texture and sweet flavour, dry grapes are less fattening in nature. They are low in calories and almost fat-free. In fact, their rich fibre content aids digestion and in turn helps with weight loss.

3) What colour dry grapes are the best for me?

A. Even though all colours of dry grapes have their own skin and hair benefits, red grapes and Concord grapes show higher concentrations of flavonoids and phytonutrients; making them slightly more nutritious than the rest.

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