Our daily schedules have gone for a complete toss ever since the lockdown was imposed. With nothing much to do, most of us turned to our gadgets for entertainment; this includes binge-watching our favourite shows until wee hours of the morning. The increased screen time has visibly affected the skin, leaving us with under-eye dark circles and puffiness to deal with… argh!

Hence, it’s essential to include an eye cream in your skincare routine to combat this issue. But that’s not all. It’s also necessary to apply your eye cream the right way for the best results (yes, there’s a right way).

Here, we’ve got a step-by-step guide to help you apply your eye cream the right way for visible and long-lasting results. Take a look…

how to apply eye cream correctly

Step 01: Remove every trace of makeup using micellar water or a makeup remover. This will ensure the products get absorbed properly.

Step 02: Take a pea-sized amount of an eye cream like the Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Radiance Night Revival Eye Crème on your ring finger. Remember that eye creams are formulated using potent ingredients and therefore, you do not need more than a tiny amount of the product.

how to apply eye cream correctly

Step 03: Always start applying the product in small dots starting at the inner eye corner and go up to the brow bone to form a semi-circle. Now, using your ring finger, gently pat the product into your skin until it is completely absorbed. Do not exert pressure at all, and avoid stretching or tugging at your skin while doing so.

Step 04: While applying the product, avoid getting too close to your upper and lower lash line as it could cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive eyes.

Step 05: Never rush to apply the rest of your skincare products immediately after applying the eye cream. Doing so will simply wipe off the eye cream, nullifying its use. Always wait for about two minutes before applying the rest of your skincare products.