Every girl knows that cleansing is a crucial step in her skincare routine. Not to mention that getting rid of every bit of makeup and dirt at the end of the day can be oh-so satisfying. Although I would call myself low-key lazy, I’ve been a fan of double cleansing for the longest time. So, when I heard about triple cleansing, a term that the beauty world is obsessed with, I knew I had to try it.

Basically, in triple cleansing, you are adding one more step to your regular double cleansing routine. You start off by removing surface dirt with the help of a cleansing wipe, follow it up with an oil to break the remnants down, and lastly use a foaming cleanser.

still double tried tripple cleansing skin

Since I have oily skin and an excessively oily t-zone, I was sceptical about introducing any sort of oil in my skincare routine. But after I read up quite a bit, I decided to try olive oil, which is non-comedogenic in nature along with the Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes, and my regular facial cleanser, the Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash.

This is how my first month of triple cleansing went...

still double tried tripple cleansing skin

Week 1

So the week I began triple cleansing was a particularly exhausting one at work. I remember because I kept kicking myself for adding another step to my night-time routine. All the stress at the office combined with PMS lead to breakouts (as you can see in the picture). I toned down the foundation as I didn’t want to irritate my skin further but I religiously followed triple cleansing every night. I don’t believe I’m saying this, but adding olive oil to my cleansing routine was one of the best decisions. The gunk and waterproof mascara came out with such ease and my skin felt cleaner instantly.

Week 2

This week my breakouts started to heal and my facial skin felt softer and smoother overall. The uneven texture and roughness was almost gone! I patted myself on the back for continuing to follow the triple cleansing method, even when I came back home a little tipsy. Another big win was the fact that my foundation started going on smoothly and it stayed put almost the entire day. This also meant fewer touch-ups. Yay!

Week 3

I have always had blackheads and blemishes on my face thanks to my oily skin. But at the beginning of the third week of this challenge, my BFF pointed out that my skin looked clearer, my blemishes were fading and blackheads were a lot less noticeable. I always wondered why my skincare products took so long to show results before. I’ve now figured that thanks to the triple cleansing, my skin was able to absorb the products better, reaping the benefits sooner!

still double tried tripple cleansing skin

Week 4

After following this routine for almost a month I can safely say that triple cleansing works for my excessively oily skin. Because it did what those clay and charcoal masks couldn’t do – control the oil on my face. My skin feels like it is on vacation; it had been working overtime all this while producing all that unnecessary oil I never asked for. But let me be honest here. By the end of the fourth week, I also noticed small flaky patches on my cheeks.

So will I continue with this cleansing routine?

Yes, I probably will, just not every day. Because while I’m not in love with my oily skin, I also don’t want to walk around with dry patches on skin. I might do it every alternate day or so. If you have dry or sensitive skin, I suggest you only try this method on days you’re going out with a full face of makeup. On other days, double cleansing should do the trick.