Keeping Your Lippers Smacking Around The Clock

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 04, 2016
Night or day, your lips deserve to be pampered with a healthy dose of tender, love and care. And with the crisp nip in the air—there’s all the more reason for you to make sure that your lips aren’t cracking, dry and plain old unhappy. With Vaseline’s Lip Therapy—your lips can now speak louder than words so scroll on down and find out the best times to nourish your lips so they stay healthy, stealthy and luxuriously nourished no matter what time of day it is.
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Slumber Overnight Therapy
Give a whole new meaning to your beauty sleep by moisturising your lips generously before you hit the sack. A healthy serving of Vitamin E and petroleum jelly keeps the moisture locked in all night long—so you wake up with sweet, pink, soft lips, and there’s nothing quite as luscious as waking up to a perfectly kept pout, now is there?

Making It Through The Work Day
Be it at the office or at home or in transit, that giant air-conditioner is always looming over us, be as it may to keep our comfort levels high—being in an air-conditioned environment 24/7 can do some serious skin damage. However, unlike body skin—our lips do not naturally create its own moisture layer, which makes it prone to dryness and chapping. So, the next time you get to work or switch on the AC at home—make sure your lips are protected with a thick coat of Vaseline Lip Therapy so your lips feel soothed during the day.

SPF Up Before You Step Out
Your face and body are not the only parts that need some SPF action. Whether it’s running errands or your morning workout, frolicking out in the sun can take a toll on your lips, and just when you want them to stay shiny and glossy the heat will suck out the much needed moisture which will leave your lips feeling as dry as the desert. Keep your Vaseline Lip Therapy handy, so that you can nourish and revitalise, even when you’re on the go. Not only does this wonder-product moisturise and soothe your smackers, but it also provides effective protection from the harsh effects of the sun.

So, no matter what time of the day, night or anything in between it is—keep your lips looking healthy, protected and full of love!

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