Bb Picks: The Lakmé Youth Infinity Skin Firming Night Crème

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedNov 02, 2016
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Each time your skin sees the light of day, you want it to feel renewed. Now that is every woman’s dream – a night crème that can work its wonders while you rest so that you wake up with rejuvenated skin every morning. Lakmé has finally heard all of us out and introduced us to its Youth Infinity Skin Firming Night Crème that works like magic. Here’s why you’ve got to get your hands on it…

What: Lakmé Youth Infinity Skin Firming Night Crème

Why you’d love it:

Every woman’s intrinsic need is younger looking skin and we want that, literally overnight! And with Lakmé Youth Infinity Skin firming Night Crème, that may not be a dream so far-fetched after all. Loaded with collagen boosters, this crème is designed to tighten your skin and bring back its younger looking elasticity.

Thanks to the Lakmé Youth Infinity Skin Firming Night Crème, our days of trial and error with one too many creams and lotions is done! We’re more than happy to announce that we’ve finally found our zero-hassle solution to skin repair.

While our grandmothers may not agree, it’s time to do away with all those home remedies to fight tan and bank on this night crème to do it all. Armed with Niacinamide the Lakmé Youth Infinity Skin Firming Night Crème helps brighten skin tone and works its magic while you sleep.

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