Were you aware that the skin on your face is home to pores? But there are two different kinds – one releases natural oils/sebum that keeps the skin moisturised and prevents dryness and the other one releases sweat along with toxins. The only downside is, that sometimes one's oil-releasing facial pores become enlarged, making your skin look dull and mature.  

However, don’t panic! You don’t need to book an urgent dermat session to learn how to close open pores on face. From the comfort of your home, get all the deets right from an expert – Dr. Niketa Sonavane, Cosmetic Dermatologist of Ambrosia Aesthetics, Mumbai. In this article, she will reveal the reasons behind enlarged pores, ways to reduce their appearance and treatment options for large open pores on face.

Pores on Face? Now Say Goodbye to the Pore-castination


Common Pore Causes

Causes of open pores

While it is usually believed that those with oily skin type have overactive oil glands that release excess sebum causing the pores to enlarge, that’s not the only cause. The reason for open pores on face are many: 

1. Genetics 

Your genes are the most important factor that affects your pore size. If you have large pores, check the skin of your parents, siblings and first cousins. It is most likely that they have a similar skin problem and your reason for open pores on face. 

2. Ageing 

As you grow older, your skin loses collagen and elastin. These natural proteins surround your pores and play an important role in keeping them tight. Once they start depleting, it is a reason for open pores on face   

3. Sun damage 

Excessive sun exposure can make facial pores appear bigger. It thickens the skin and leads to bigger pores. It can also reduce collagen, elastin and water from your skin. Dehydrated skin pulls the edges of your pores, making them look larger. 

4. Blackheads 

Blackheads are the result of pores blocked with dead cells and sebum. Persistent blackheads can lead to large facial pores and is why you should know how to close open pores on face.  

5. Clogged pores 

Excessive amounts of oil and dead skin cells trapped in your pores can cause them to appear enlarged. By learning how to reduce pores on face, you will also prevent blackheads

6. Comedogenic products 

Products that contain natural and mineral oils can clog pores and cause blackheads. They may also add to the existing oiliness of your skin and increase pore size. 


Effective Strategies to Address Pores

Close open pores

While getting rid of facial pores completely is not possible, there are ways on how to close open pores on face.


1. Use oil-free water-based products

Close open pores

You must’ve come across several oil-based solutions. But beware, ladies, for these are the products that induce blackheads and whiteheads. If you suffer from excessive oiliness, stay away from these bottles if you don’t want clogged pores on face. Look for humectants like honey and urea instead of oils. 

#BeBePicks: We at BeBe love the Lakmé Gentle & Soft Deep Pore Cleanser as this cleansing milk is how to close open pores on face and unclog them. The formula helps remove dirt, oil and impurities from the skin. It also contains avocado extracts known for their antioxidant and moisturising properties and leaves the skin clean, refreshed and hydrated. 


2. Wash your face twice daily

Close open pores

While some of us indulge in fancy skincare routines, some of us can’t even get ourselves to wash our faces. However, washing your face every morning and evening is basic skincare and how to reduce pores on face. Cleansing your face helps in removing the oil and dirt from your large pores, making them less visible. 


3. Pick a soap-free foaming cleanser

Close open pores

Stay away from soap and alcohol-based cleansers though as these can irritate the skin. Also, avoid heavily moisturising cleansers as they leave residue on the skin and make pores appear larger. 

#BeBePicks: In such a case, the Pond’s Bright Beauty Spot-less Glow Face Wash can help as it is enriched with vitamins that enhance your skin’s radiance. It basically cleanses the skin and mildly exfoliates the dead skin cells while targeting blemishes and promoting a brighter complexion with the help of niacinamide. With a fresh feel every time, it is suitable for daily use. 


4. Exfoliate once a week

Close open pores

Get scrubbing and exfoliating your skin once or twice a week to remove the dirt and dead cells that clog your pores. When on the hunt to find the best-in-class products, look for ingredients such as lactic acid or salicylic acid which are alpha hydroxy acids. If you have sensitive skin, then polyhydroxy acids such as lactobionic acid or gluconolactone will be more suitable for clogged pores on face. But remember not to over-exfoliate as it can cause dryness and rashes. 

#BeBePicks: A mild and effective exfoliator is the Simple Clear Pore Scrub as it features thyme and witch hazel. Thyme has antibacterial properties that can help with acne and breakouts. Meanwhile, witch hazel acts as an astringent, helping to tighten pores and reduce excess oil. This scrub gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores. The best part, it is suitable for sensitive skin, as it's free from harsh chemicals like sulphates, parabens and artificial fragrances. 


5. Moisturise everyday

Close open pores

Give your skin that creamy and soft treatment by moisturising every day — even if you have oily skin. Hydrated and happy skin looks fresh, produces less oil and reduces the size of big pores. To cut the stickiness for our greasy skin folks, pick an oil-free moisturiser that easily sinks into the skin with ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Can’t find one? Try the Pond’s Super Light Gel. As promised, it is oil free and has a gel formula that sinks quickly in your skin without any greasiness. Oh and it has hyaluronic acid and vitamin E which keep your face hydrated and healthy all day long.


6. Try a clay mask

Close open pores

When in doubt, just clay it out! Use a clay mask once or twice a week to remove excess oil from the pores. Take your pick between multani mitti, rhassoul clay or bentonite clay as they are some effective home remedies for pores on face. But when hopping onto the clay bandwagon, give your skin sufficient time between masking and exfoliation. Doing too much of anything can confuse your skin, leading to otherwise avoidable reactions. 


7. Double cleanse your makeup

Close open pores

Slept with makeup on? Guilty! Known as one of makeup’s biggest crimes, wearing makeup for long can lead to clogged pores on face and triggers blackheads, whiteheads and acne. So, double cleanse with your face wash followed by micellar water. 

#BeBePicks: This is where a toner like the Lakmé Absolute Pore Fix Toner also comes into play. This toner is formulated to minimise the appearance of pores and helps balance the skin's pH levels after cleansing. And guess what, it too contains witch hazel which uses its astringent powers to reduce the appearance of open pores on face. Using it after a face wash prepares the skin for the next steps in your skincare routine. 


8. Wear sunscreen all year round

Close open pores

The minute you overlook the importance of sunscreen, the sun performs its horrors on your skin. UV exposure breaks down collagen in your skin over time. Less collagen surrounding the pores means larger and more visible pores. Pick a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a blue light filter and wear it daily. Yes, even when it’s raining. The Lakmé Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen is a fan-favourite as it has SPF 50 which blocks out most of the UV rays, is tinted so no white cast and also has niacinamide which works on fading dark spots. And all of it comes at a reasonable price. What’s not to love? Also, reapply your sunscreen every three-four hours for best results!  

FAQs about Pores on Face  

Q1. How to close open pores on face permanently? 

Open pores on face can't completely disappear, but their appearance can be minimised with some tips like the ones mentioned above. 

Q2. How to reduce pores on face naturally?  

To naturally close pores, keep it clean and have a skincare routine in place. Stay hydrated on the inside as well by drinking eight glasses of water daily. For home remedies for pores on face, you can try a DIY mask. Mix a tablespoon of yoghurt, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Apply, leave for 15 minutes and rinse. The lactic acid in yoghurt and astringent properties of lemon can tackle open pores. 

Q3. Can ice close open pores on face? 

Using ice can temporarily shrink pores by constricting blood vessels, but it's not a long-term solution. It can be a quick fix before applying makeup or for a refreshed look.