Of all the things you could make at home, this cheek and lip stain is probably going to be the easiest and the most useful. After all, who wouldn’t want to give their skin a break from all the artificial colouring that comes with lip colours and blushes? We spent a weekend making our own Lip and Cheek stain at home and loved the results.
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Beetroot Lip Stain

Step 1: Peel the skin of your beet and place it in a juicer to extract the juice.
If you don’t have a juicer at home, you can cut the beet into tiny pieces and put it in the blender with some water. Collect the pieces and squeeze them on top of a strainer or a muslin cloth to collect all the juice into a cup (very similar to how we’d made coconut milk).

Step 2: For the juice of every mid-sized beet, add two drops of lemon juice and an equal amount of almond oil. The lemon juice acts as a preservative to ensure the colour and consistency while the almond oil acts as a moisturiser.

Step 3: Stir it in and voila! You’ve got your natural lip stain ready. Package it into a transparent bottle and apply it with a lip brush or your finger when required.
If you’re one who loves richer, darker colours, you can always experiment with your main ingredient by choosing pomegranates, raspberries or even blueberries.

The colour you get will be strikingly similar to the Plum Shine from the Lakmé Absolute Plum & Shine Lip Gloss.

Beetroot Cheek Blush

Step 1: Chop your beet into thin, circular slices and place them on a cellophane sheet to dry. You can rely on the old Indian tradition of air drying by letting them sit on your terrace and soak up the Sun for at least a day.

Step 2: Once they’re thoroughly dry and crisp, break them into small pieces and place them in the blender. Grind into a fine powder till there are no beet bits left and there you have it! Your natural beet blush is ready to use.

Step 3: Place the powder in a flat box and apply with a blush brush as you normally would for naturally rosy cheeks.

The colour you get will be a shade similar to the Night Sheer from the Lakmé Absolute Cheek Chromatic Baked Blusher.