Three Questions About The Rose Blush With Swarnalekha Gupta

Written by Girija NaiksatamOct 03, 2016
With our new obsession for corals and peaches, rose blush has taken a back seat. We had a little `tête-à-tête with makeup artist, Swarnalekha Gupta, to get her take on rose blush. Good ole vintage or still relevant? She shares her thoughts.
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BB: The rose blush has been around for centuries but off late it’s lost its popularity to the more uncommon cheek shades. What’s your take on rose blush?
As per the technical definition ‘blushing is the involuntary reddening of a person's face, especially the cheek area, due to embarrassment, though it has been known to come from being love struck, or from some kind of romantic stimulation’. Technicalities aside though, according to me, rose blush will never go out of fashion especially because we will always want to create an illusion of that healthy, natural blush.

BB: Rose blush was the only colour women wore up until a few years ago. If it was the only colour in your palette where would you wear it to?
Swarnalekha: I think that the rose blush can be used diversely for practically all occasions right from a fresh morning look to a heavy, party look. All that matters is the way you apply it and the intensity of the colour. Nowadays in fact most brides prefer rosy cheeks to give the illusion of healthy, glowing and fresh skin.

BB: So with a colour like rose, which works better – powders or cheek tints?
Swarnalekha: Well the most common is the cheek tint or a cheek stain which is more sheer by texture but used more widely because it looks better on the cheeks. If you use the tint alone, you’ll get a soft blush on your face which can often be mistaken for a natural one (a good thing, of course), and it’s perfect for a morning look, whereas when you couple the tint with a similar rose-coloured cream or powder blush, it’ll intensify your look for any other evening occasion. As a personal preference, I choose the cheek tint since it allows me to step out with minimal makeup and yet look pretty and “blushed”. I feel one must have a rose-colored blush or tint in their beauty box as it is unlikely to go out of fashion!

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