We get it—popping a pimple is almost like taking revenge from the ex who wronged you. You often wake up in the morning to find a new pimple and you think you can live with it but by the end of the day, you’re itching to pop it. But little do you know that’s like opening Pandora’s box —it’ll only get worse leaving an even more unsightly scar behind. Guilty of being the pimple popping girl? You might change your mind after learning what exactly goes down behind acne that’s been picked on...


Don’t scar your skin

Don’t scar your skin to avoid pimples

Pimple popping can have a lasting impact on your skin and boy, is it going to be an unpleasant one or what! Pimples are nothing but blocked pores that can either be painful or painless. When you pop or pick on the pimple, you’re forcefully trying to make it disappear. In crude words, you force pus out of the skin, which causes extreme tear and the wall of the pore gets injured leaving a scar behind.


You’re spreading bacteria

You’re spreading bacteria

We’ve said this umpteen times—stop touching your face whether you have acne prone skin or not. When you pop a pimple you pass on the germs from your fingers to your open acne, which creates an infection and causes further pimples on your skin. So you know, it’s a vicious cycle?


Pimple popping leads to redness and inflammation

It leads to redness and inflammation

When you pick on your pimple, the pus, which includes sebum, dead cells and bacteria enter the dermis and cause inflammation and redness on your skin. Hence, it’s best to let the pimple run its course if you don’t want to experience permanent skin damage.

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What your skin needs

What your skin needs to avoid pimples

While popping a pimple is a complete no-no, if you’ve been guilty of it and are worried about the scars, we suggest using the Fair & Lovely Anti-Marks Treatment that penetrates 3 layers deep into your skin and works right from the roots to reduce the scars caused by pimple popping. Moreover, you must understand that it takes almost eight weeks for a blocked pore to turn into a pimple. Hence, it’s best to stop this from the roots by using a cleanser that targets the problem—excessive sebum production. We suggest using the Pond's Pimple Clear Face Wash as its Active Thymo-T essence works hard to stop pimples right from the beginning.