These Simple Lifestyle Hacks Will Give You Naturally Flawless Skin

Written by Urvi DalalFeb 18, 2019
These simple lifestyle hacks will give you naturally flawless skin

Just the thought of stepping out without makeup may seem like an impossibly daunting task to some people. And while it is fun to play around with makeup, it is also important to vie for skin that looks naturally young and healthy. To do just that, we suggest you incorporate a few lifestyle changes to your daily schedule. 

It is possible to achieve skin that is free of blemishes, acne and dark circles, all you have to do is bring about these easy changes in your lifestyle...


Sleep for a full 8 hours

Watch those ingredients

We have all heard this before, your skin replenishes and repairs itself while you sleep. Avoid looking at any electronic device for at least an hour before bedtime and use an eye mask to prevent the appearance of dark circles and sallow skin.


Drink plenty of water

Watch those ingredients

This is one step that is often overlooked in our busy lives, but is extremely crucial for healthy skin. Drink about 6-8 glasses of water in a day. Carry a bottle with you at all times to prevent yourself from feeling dehydrated. This simple habit also effectively keeps wrinkles at bay.


Follow a proper skincare routine

Watch those ingredients

Consistency is the key to achieving healthy and plump skin. Follow a skin routine that is suitable for your skin type. Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin each day without fail and visit a dermat every once in a while. Your skin will definitely thank you for this.


Eat right

Watch those ingredients

The phrase ‘you’re what you eat’ is something that your skin completely agrees with. A nutrition-rich diet is a fool-proof way to get healthy and nourished skin. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and other skin loving food regularly.


Watch those ingredients

Watch those ingredients

Just like what you put inside your body affects your health, what you apply on your skin affects skin’s health. Your skin absorbs 60 percent of the stuff you put on, hence read the ingredients present in your skincare and beauty products. Steer clear from products with parabens, silicones, petrochemicals and sulphates.

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