7 Picks To Upgrade Your Skin Care Routine This Party Season

Written by Dayle PereiraMar 22, 2017
7 picks to upgrade your skin care routine this party season
If I could take a guess at what the first thing that crosses your mind in December is, it has to be the party season. You know it’s true! The end of the year always brings merriment and who doesn’t love to flaunt a flawless face during the season, huh? So with the festivities fast approaching, it’s about time your skin got itself together. The only way to do that is to add the right products to your skin care routine so that you can look radiant all through this party season.

Before your party, here’s what you need to do…

Freshen up

Rejuvenate your peepers

Looking to get a glow that will have all eyes on you? Then the Lakmé Blush & Glow Face Wash is just what you need. Filled with antioxidants, fruit extracts and bursting beads, this formula will leave your skin cleansed and glowing for the celebration you’re heading to.


Get polishing

Rejuvenate your peepers

Who wouldn’t want a 100-watt worthy radiance when stepping into a lit party, right? For that, the answer is in the Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Serum. Made with Vita-Resorcinol and micro-crystals, this serum polishes away dead cells and prevents the transfer of skin darkening pigments so that your skin is clear and bright.


Give your lips some lovin’

Rejuvenate your peepers

From now on, as long as you’ve got the Lakmé Lip Love Lip Care with you, you’ll never have to compromise on skin care while giving your lips some colour. With its moisturising inner core and tinted outer layer, your puckers will remain pert, prim and party-ready!

After the party, this is what you should turn to…


Healthy skin is in

Rejuvenate your peepers

Don’t forget to keep your body in the pink of health by applying the St. Ives Replenishing Mineral Therapy Body Lotion post your night out. The rich formula will keep your skin supple through the coldest of nights and leave your body with healthy sheen for the days to come.


Never forget to cleanse

Rejuvenate your peepers

No matter how late you get back home, the first item you must lay your hands on is the Lakmé Gentle and Soft Deep Pore Cleanser. Not only will this Vitamin E and Avocado enriched cleanser remove oil and makeup, it will leave your skin moisturised before you hit the sack.


Restore while you rest

Rejuvenate your peepers

Before hitting the hay, give your skin a little something to go on by applying the Aviance Hydra Balance Night Restore Crème Masque over your face. Created with Bio-Energised Complexes, the formula is rich in Vitamin E and Sunflower Extracts to penetrate deep into the skin and hydrate it while you sleep.


Rejuvenate your peepers

Rejuvenate your peepers

After a string of late nights, you’re bound to find your eyes fatigued. Fix it in time for your next bash by using the Pond’s Age Miracle Firm & Lift Eye Contour Lifter over the under-eye area. Designed to brighten and lift the delicate skin in the area with a cooling applicator, get ready to welcome those perky doe-eyes!

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